New video about postcrossing

Hello everyone!
There is a new video (short film) on youtube about postcrossing that I think is perfect to share with someone to introduce them to this hobby and the site.


Kayla’s address is clearly visible on the cards… I hope she realizes the world now has her address.


Such a heartwarming video, thank you so much for sharing❤️
I’m going to use it for an English class with my students XD
Elza xx


Thanks for sharing this. It’s delightful.

@MapleMail I just came across this video on youtube… I didn’t create it…

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This is so cute. I will definitely share this with friends :slight_smile:

There is also an adress from India visible. Kayla may be aware of the adress shown, but the Indian recipient may be unaware of it.

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Thank you for sharing this video. It captures a lot of what many enjoy about postcards and postcrossing.

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Such a heartwarming video :two_hearts:! Thank you for sharing :heart:. Snail mail forever!

Great video! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Such a touching one… :love_letter: