New Stamps issued in 2021

EUROPA 2021 stamps of BH(Serb Post) will be issued on 15 April 2021.


Update for Italy 2021 issue plan :wink:

For issue dates, refer to original document:

Already issued
1. 40 years regions and autonomous provinces’ Conference
2. 100 years socialist party congress
3. Rome capital of Italy 150 years
4. World Alpine Ski Championship in Cortina d’Ampezzo
5. Camillo d’Errico (italian mayor and promoter of art and knowledge) 200 years from birth
6. Gianni Agnelli (FIAT manager in 1966-2003, now company is FIAT-Chrysler Automobiles) 100 years from birth
7. Girolamo Luxardo (liqueur factory) 200 years from foundation
8. Venice, 1600 years from foundation
9. Leontinoi (greek colony in Sicily) 2750 years from greek foundation
10. Ernesto Nathan (mayor of Rome in 1907-1913) 100 years from death
11. Settimia Spizzichino (the only survivor to the Raid of the Rome’s Ghetto in 1943) 100 years from birth

  1. environmental sustainability
  2. sanitary professions
  3. Giulietta Masina, Alida Valli, Nino Manfredi (italian actors) 100 years from birth
  4. Napoleon, 200 years from death
  5. ENPA 150 years (national animals protection body)
  6. Rino Gaetano (italian singer) 40 years from death, Ezio Bosso (italian composer and pianist) 50 years from birth
  7. Alta Murgia’s geological treasures
  8. light atletics sector of italian finance police 100 years
  9. Carabinieri at San Marino - joint issue with San Marino
  10. Arnoldo Mondadori (italian publisher) 50 years from death
  11. “St.Francis patron of Italy” magazine 100 years
  12. Rummo 175 years (italian brand of pasta)
  13. Lepanto naval battle 450 years
  14. Filarmonica Laudamo (concert company) from Messina 100 years
  15. Gigi Proietti (loved italian actor, disappeared in 2020), Ennio Morricone (italian composer), Andrea Camilleri (italian writer)
  16. Touristic: Roma, Milano,Firenze, Venezia, Napoli, Palermo (probably filling the void of this serie in 2020)
  17. ITAS Mutua (mutual insurance company) 200 years
  18. Touristic serie: Bologna, Norcia, Maratea, La Maddalena (historical serie going on since 1974, with only exception of 2020)
  19. winner team of “A” serie footbal championship 2021
  20. Gucci 100 years (italian fashion brand)
  21. OCSE (OECD organization) 60 years
  22. Enrico Caruso 100 years from death, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Franco Corelli 100 years from birth (italian actors)
  23. Italian Basket Federation 100 years
  24. Kobe Bean Bryant (american basketball player)
  25. Protected Denomination products
  26. Gino Cervi, Vittorio De Sica (italian actors) 120 years from birth
  27. Mafalda (comics character - not 100% sure)
  28. fiscal agencies 20 years
  29. Diego Armando Maradona (football player)
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EUROPA 2021 stamps of Greece will be issued on 6 May 2021.


EUROPA 2021 stamp(s) of Sovakia will be issued on 7 May 2021.


EUROPA 2021 stamp(s) of Poland will be issued on 21 April 2021.


These STAR WARS -Droids stamps will be out May 4th.

They look very cool.

Hummm, wondering about Olympic Stamps and post cards for the Tokyo Olympics …?:thinking:


Its May 4th. Star Wars Day so people can say May the 4th Be With You! (May the Force be with you).


Available in May:


My understanding is this will be a postcard… Waiting for it to show up on the usps stamp site so I can order , the duck one

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Love these!

Yes, already preordered… Bet they will be popular

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Actually, I like donkeys… But I was referring to the Star Wars droid stamps… I am not personally a Star Wars fan, but decided it will be good to have the stamps to use for those who are a fan

Bibliotecos de Macau


These stamps would look really nice with the newest postcard-rate stamps depicting barns.


If we could now find a stamp with a farmer, it’ll be complete!

Maybe you can still find this somewhere


Wonderful stamps!

Unfortunately these are not real stamps. The only stamp depicting the painting American Gothic is this one.


Would love this stamp! Maybe one day… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Fujian Tulou(UNESCO World Heritage Site, a kind of historical and traditional architecture of Fujian Province, China) stamps will be issued on 19th May 2021.