New Postcrossing-themed stamp from Belarus! 🇧🇾

@kafkaisnotdead Have you perhaps seen them live yet? We’re super curious to see how they turned out!

I have got them today!

The only problem I have with them it is difficult to distinguish between the top and the bottom of the stamp. So my first stamp was glued upside down :laughing:


I didn’t yet because I don’t live in Minsk or Vitebsk. I’ll probably order a bunch. I already bought matching postcards for them. I hope that Belpost will be selling maxicards with this stamp online. Want to order a bunch of those too :blush:


@ana_karp Thank you so much for sharing these! :heart_eyes: The blue looks even more vibrant than we imagined — great! They work so well in both directions that I don’t think it’s a problem to glue them the “wrong” way around.

@kafkaisnotdead I hope you’ll be able to see them soon!


@kafkaisnotdead There was special cancelation in Vitsebsk today too - Белпочта. I think you can also buy the stamps in Vitsebsk :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I know. I had to go to work today so there was no chance for me to went to this cancellation event :rofl: That’s alright, I’ll just order them, if it will be possible. You can’t buy new maxicards with Belarusian holidays online too, I wonder how fast they will add all new stuff to Belpost online shop :thinking:

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They are super cute!
Would be glad if someone will send me this owl card with the funny stamp sometimes. :wink:

The German post announced a Postcrossing stamp for 2022. I’m afraid this is going to be more of a sober, simple design and not something colorful like that. :roll_eyes:


For Belarusian users and collectors from other countries: you can order stamps here. Also you can order cards here and here. No maxicard yet but I’m not loosing hope. You know where my salary will go :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You can order maxicards with Vitebsk and Minsk cancellations now.
And photo from cancellation event in Vitebsk: