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Hi! I have a question about the postcrossing profile. Is it possible to add a hyperlink there or must it be written out as the url?

It’s not possible to add hyperlinks in the official profile, so you’ll have to paste the url there.

On the forum, you can use hyperlinks in your profile, though.

Ok, no problem. Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

Hola. Hi. Moi.
I am really new to this site and took a break too.
The thing I still don’t remember well is uploading image of a card.
IK I can do it when I resieve postcard but sometimes if I had forgotten there pops up the senders picture that they took of the postcard. So I was wondering how that is done?
I would love to take pictures of the cards I send to make sure when they get there I could still see what I send for who.

Thanx in advased :slight_smile:

Welcome @Soosa007 to the forum.

You find the answer in the postcrossing help on the main side:
.How do I upload or delete a postcard image from the postcards wall?

And here is another topic regarding to your question
.Uploading a picture for a sent card?

  • How do I get someone to send me a postcard

Hello @Agony Welcome to Postcrossing and to the forum.

Before someone get your address to send a card to you, you have to send a card to someone and the recipient has to register your card.

Please read the “About” and “Help” pages on the main side carefully and if you have after that more questions feel free to ask here.
Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi there! I’m a new member and I have sent a few postcards. For each one that has arrived at its destination the recipient has been kind enough to upload a picture and add a nice note to me. I can see the note in the email notification but not on the website. Am I missing something or is that how it is? Thank you! :slight_smile:

These messages are only in our e-mails.

Sometimes card gets comments or a description, these are visible for everyone below the postcard image.

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Hello @braiotta63 Welcome to Postcrossing and to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it is how it is - you can see the registration text only in your Hurray message in your Mailaccount.

And you can see those cards in your sent list:

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I am a newbie here, only have sent 6 pcs. got a notice i could not receive pcs until i corrected my address. map does not match address. i have tried to change the map and been unable to. How to fix??? Unfortunatly they will not let me recieve until it’s fixed, nor send any more. Thanks for any help you can give. Gayle

Go to “Settings” then “Address” and then chose the right country and city and enter the reason for the update. Then click “Save”. That should do the trick.

Thank you , actually i kept trying to richmond, va in the map, but realized it had to be nearest bigger town, i selected WAshinton DC and that worked. Thanks Ralfh for your help. I’m good to go!

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First please check the address you stated. Maybe there is a mistake that you have to correct.

And to the map:
If you live near Richmond,VA you shouldn’t choose Washington D.C. which is 100 miles away.

You can choose Richmond, VA and if that doesn’t work, please contact the support and ask what you should do.

.Contact us