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Hello. I’m new to Postcrossing and I’m a bit worried my cards won’t get registered. My first card I send a greeting card, I didn’t realize it had to be postcards only. Should I contact the recipient? I hope it will still get registered.
My second card is to Russia and I don’t know if my country still delivers mail there. I did send it but now I’m worried. I guess I’m a bit anxious to see if it works and how long I should expect to wait before a registration (and even a card to me).

Hello @PostiePanda Welcome to Postcrossing and to the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw that you signed up 3 days ago. So it may take a while before your cards reach the recipients. Especially now in the difficult times (Corona and war) it can take a while, depending on where your cards are travelling to.

And about the greeting card: I would wait at least 30 days - if the card has not been registered by then, you can ask the recipient nicely and explain the situation.
But the vast majority of postcrossers also register greeting cards.

You don’t have to worry about the card to Russia - you will only receive addresses from countries to which you can send cards at the time of the draw.

And if you are unsure, you can always check the Postal monitor to see which countries you cannot send cards to from the Netherlands.

On this page Netherlands in Postcrossing you can see the most active postcrosser of your country. You can look to their sent and received lists to check how long their cards travel to other countries and how long does it take to receive cards.
But please be patient: I can take some time before you receive your first card.
Your address will go to another member when your first sent card is registered.

Happy Postcrossing!

Thank you for your reply! I have one more question: how often should you log in to ensure you do not get the status inactive? I’m planning on waiting for my first card before sending more, so that means I would not log in that much for now. Just want to experience the whole thing before diving in :slight_smile:

If you do not log in for 30 days, your account will be set to inactive.
But when you log in again, you will automatically become active again.

Hello, been here a little over a week, 4 of my cards have already been registered. Sent 5. Now do I wait till that one is registered before I can send more postcards. I was not sure where to find that wee tidbit of info.

So appreciate your time, thank you
Mdm samm

Every time one of your cards is registered you can send a new card. So if only one of your original five cards is still travelling, you can send another 4 cards. The amount of cards you can have travelling at the same time will increase when you get more cards registered. You can see from the main page how many cards you have travelling and how many are left (= “free slots”).

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@Kanerva well thank you for that very helpful news to me….
I will try to do that very soon I just ordered new pc which will be here next week…

You are so kind

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Ohhh bother question…@kanerva… so it looks like I am limited to 5 cards, are you saying that may increase to more? Or is it always 5 cards they are sent registered then I send more?

Meant another question not bother :wink: @kanerva

When your fifth card gets registered you can already send six.
Here you can read more how your sending limits increase

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@Kanerva now that is very helpful, so appreciate your efforts…


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