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Hi Xibei, welcome to Postcrossing!

I’m afraid the heic format is not supported in Postcrossing at the moment… so it’s not possible to upload those files. :disappointed: Your phone probably has an option to save images in a more commonly used format — we would recommend giving it a try, if it isn’t too inconvenient.

Hope that works!

Hello! I think, that I forgot to write down ID on my postcard… What can I do?

Hello @JustCinnamon (nice name )
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Don’t worry - the receiver can ask postcrossing about the ID when the card receives.
Read here Forgot to write the ID

Hi All,
I am from India and this is my first posting on here. I joined Postcrossing recently and have send postcards to Europe …It’s been 11 days now …I was told from the Post Office it will reach within a week …Any members from India here know how much time does it take for a postcard to reach Europe ( Germany & Scandinavia) from India? Just curious.

Welcome to Postcrossing and the forum @Dipu74

One week is quite an understatement.
I’m from Germany and my average travel time from India to Germany is 24 days .
I received 28 cards from India already and they travelled between 11 and 77 days.

And here are the stats from the most active member of your country.
You can see all his average travel times:

So please be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Bille! … I was under the impression that I was sucked to the famed “procrastination” and unpredictability system for which we are famous for (Just a joke) … But I am perseverant and optimistic nevertheless!
Thank You

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How would I go about unregistering a card? I was guessing the number and look to have reigstered a card but does not look to be the correct sender based on name and profile.

I have already put in a request to help locate the correct ID - struggling with the handwriting however would of course like to ensure the recipient of the card ID I have incorrectly entered can still register their card!

You don’t have to worry about accidently registering someone else’s card, because the system doesn’t allow it. You can’t register any card that isn’t actually meant for you. So if you did register a card you haven’t received yet, that card is still travelling to you. You will just have to wait until it arrives. (You can’t re-register it, but you can write a message to the sender via their profile to say thank you).

You already did the right thing and requested help to decipher the ID-code of the card you did receive. You can’t have that many cards travelling to you at this point, so I am sure the team is able to help you.


«Currently, your account has 32 expired postcards

Before you can request more addresses, you need to send postcards to all the addresses you already have. Those members are waiting for your postcards.»
I’ve sent all these postcards already! They were not delivered to the addressees for reasons beyond my control. I spent money and time sending postcards. Why do I have to do it again?

Hello Zlati, welcome to the forum.

If you have sent all cards and they all aren’t registered by the recipients, please Contact us and tell about that.
I’m sure the support can help you.

And have you contact the recipients and asked about your cards?
You can friendly ask them about it.

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hey! If I can’t send a postcard to anybody, can I send using this platform? can I use just message or can I use different way? for example, we can upload photo. can the other user see this photo?
thank you

When you request an address at, you have agreed that you will send them a postcard. That means that you have to buy a postcard in a store (either physical store or online store), buy a stamp and affix it, write the postcard and send it. You can’t upload a photo and text at and make them print and send the postcard for you. Touchnote and other websites work like that, but not Postcrossing.

You can send a private message to another user at the website (or in the forum). But that doesn’t count as sending a postcard.

If you upload a photo of a travelling postcard, only you can see it until the postcard has been received and registered.

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Hello @semanurkara
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I have a hint for you: I saw on your wall the 1st card that you sent. It is not allowed to show the back of the card - so please tell the recipient of your card that she should delete the picture that you (?) have uploaded. After that she can upload a photo of the front.