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У меня сейчас такая же ситуация. Отправила в Москву, идет уже 45 дней, хотя обычно за 15 доходит. Надеюсь, что она цела)

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Мне декабрьский конверт до сих пор не дошёл. И от меня открытка тоже.


Can anyone help me to translate this text? :laughing:

I tried Google lens but somehow I didn’t trust it that much lol

Thank you


The first word is “hello”, everything else is correct :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing! Thank you

Hello @Yunlong
We have a beautiful TAG [TAG] Выберу сам тэг
There you need to choose someone’s postcard, take a screenshot and offer your exchanger. When someone likes some of your postcard, they will tag you and send you the address so that you can send your postcard. This is, of course, slower than Robin, but I’m sure there will definitely be those who want to receive a postcard from you.

Many tags and robins in our branch are designed for the participation of Russian postcrossers, so when participating, you should immediately identify the country. Not everyone in our branch is ready to send a postcard abroad, it’s more expensive.

Dear @Yunlong, you can drop your offer in this topic :slight_smile:

Thank you

Are you know about this RR in general section of the forum?


Thank i know but too less person join

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Could any Cyrillic readers tell me this location. I think it’s Belarusian

Yes, that’s Belorusian. I would translate title this way: Church - fortress in Mooravantsy. (c) Victor Malyshchyts.

Most probably it’s that place: Google Maps

Thank you very much! Have a nice day

Hi fellow Russian Postcrossers,
I’m from China and I’ve been in this community for about 2 years. I just have one curious question about Russia as I have sent loads of cards to Russia:
When it comes to write down your address, I notice that more of you prefer to write RUSSIAN FEDERATION rather than RUSSIA. I understand that you are in a federal system, but I’m just curious why nearly everyone insists writing RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
Sometimes I just write the short form RUSSIA only because my card is tiny, and I hope it doesn’t matter as long as the card reaches to you.
Thank you all and happy Postcrossing!

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When I registered on this site two years ago I wrote simple RUSSIA in my address, but it was not accepted. I received a message that my address is incorrect and I had to change it to RUSSIAN FEDERATION. So it’s not our choice.


@Kobmast_Bea, @MikeModular, it’s written Russia in my address, not Russian Federation. And I haven’t receive any messages about incorrect address…

And I am also curious about one thing: as I noticed, in many addresses the country is written in caps lock, and I don’t know why.
Any ideas about that?

Perhaps it depends on the moderator who checked the addresses at that time. Caps lock is just a matter of taste, some people like to have complete address in capital letters.

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When I registered on the site, I had absolutely no experience of exchanging international messages, and I entered the address in the format indicated in the example on the same page. It was the Russian Federation that was indicated there.