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I can send you a postcard if you like?

@LOUVE62 Petite astuce : Vous pouvez traduire le site internet de Postcrossing en faisant clique droit sur votre souris puis en cliquant sur “traduire en français”.

In english : Tip: You can translate the Postcrossing website by right clicking on your mouse and then clicking on “translate into French”.

Just hoping someone has made a list of what each countries codes are for Postcrossing. I tried looking for one on the forum but wasn’t successful. Some are quite obvious such as US, UK or even DE but I just received my first card from Singapore (yeah!!) and the SG code was new to my own list. Thanks and happy postcrossing everyone!

There is a list on the main page with all country codes


Hello. Can someone tell me if the uploaded image of a postcard is shown to the recipient if it is expired? I sent a postcard to a person in the US and it will be expired soon. If the image is still shown to them, I prefer not to send another card, but if the image is not shown to them, I’d like to send another card (I have another identical one). I could not find an answer to this question in the HELP section of Postcrossing. Thank you for your kind help.

The uploaded image of a travelling postcard is only visible to you. Whether expired or not.

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Okay. Thank you.

What should be the difference between sent and received postcards to suspend a profile? For example, the member has 892 sent and 798 received. Is it a too big difference? thanks
PS it’s not my profile, just would like to know how it works with this small amount of postcards sent/received

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As far as I understand, the difference isn’t a set percentage, and it depends on various factors. Average travel time to and from the country is probably one factor.
And people can set their account to inactive and keep sending postcards, without receiving any. Yes, at some point they won’t be able to request more addresses. But the gap can get quite large before that happens.

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thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Hi there. I thought this was SU, but was told that code doesn’t exist and I tried SV and was then told the ID didn’t exist. Can someone help?

I assume the numbers are: 329657



To me it looks like SK also and you read the numbers right! :slight_smile:


That worked, thanks so much!

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SU would be the country code of Soviet Union and yes it exists.

Not for me, it doesn’t. I typed it in and it said it didn’t and when I search, it’s not there.

You’re both correct! Although .su exists as a top-level domain, it does not exist in Postcrossing because it is not part of the ISO 3166-2 standard. :slight_smile: