NA Traveling Envelope RR **

Thank you! UPDATED

Haha, thank you! I’ll think on it :slight_smile:

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Yes, I saw that I’m hosting 1063, a take 3, replace 3 challenge. I would like to ALSO host a take 2/replace 2 group for political cards. (That’s a topic too specific for a challenge).

Envie #1049 arrived Friday, and will be going out on Monday!

I’ll also join 1063 and 1064. :slight_smile:

I think I fixed it! Let me know if I still misunderstand! haha

UPDATED! Thanks everyone!

Ok…I posted my update under the old “new” thread but then found this thread while clicking around. I just got 1046 out of the mailbox. I’ll join 1063, 1064, and 1067.

May I join 1067, please?

Please add me to 1065 and 1067, thank you

Updated! Thank you!

I added another Lantern Press group @Aliengirl if you want me to add you! I also made a separate tourist postcard group if anyone wants to jump in, just be sure to check the specifications of postcards. Thank you!

I’d love to be added to the Lantern Press group. Thanks!

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Alright… alright, I cave! Please make me the host of 1067 (take 2/ replace 2 challenge).

Also please add me to:
1054: Lantern Press
1064: NA Animals

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And I’ve updated! Thanks everyone!

I’ll join 1067 (take 2/ replace 2 challenge)! May I ask a question about the Lantern Press? Are you supposed to take and replace any certain amount of cards?

For the general groups (like Lantern Press) you can take as many cards out as you like, as long as you replace the same amount!

Addresses sent for TE 1967!

TE 1067 is ready and going out to @Aliengirl tomorrow!

Thank you for the information!

Hi all,
Group 964 went out to BA_Yeats yesterday.
Group 1060 went out today to sleepykitty.

Will you please add me to 1062 and 1063?

Updated! Addresses sent to @hootnoodle for TE 1063!