NA Traveling Envelope RR - Looking for new host!

I’m not sure what’s going on with that envelope. I’d assume it is lost. If you want, I can open a new note card group here and we can try again. I have addresses from the previous host.

Based on the notes, at least one or two of the names already had the envelope. Might they know what happened? I don’t want to start it up again without knowing what went wrong the first time. If I’m the only one who noticed it vanishes, it seems like the interest is not there anymore…

All I know is that the host hasn’t shown up on the new forum yet.

#1006 also seems to be stuck.

According to posts made on the old forums after this migrated over here, #1045 made it back to the host at the beginning of November (her post just says “a few days ago”) and #1050 was moving on to the next person on 11/16.

Everything else seems to be updated.

#1059 - Received and going back out tomorrow.

I would like to join the following Group;
Group 1053: NA Take 3/Replace 3- LIGHTHOUSES

Thank you, everyone! I have updated :smiley:.

Thank you, Aliengirl :blush:!

TE 1059 out today to MeaganMS

Thank you, iwritedeb! I have updated :smiley:.

I’d like to join 1049
and I’ll be happy to close out 1053
If I may, please, thank you!

Received #1047
Will be sent out Monday for return to @anon14737630

Thank you, ellistrations! I have updated :smiley:.

I will send addresses later this weekend.

Me again! I’ll also join 1046, 1048, 1056! I believe I sent you my new mailing address, correct? I’m no longer using the PO BOX.

Yep, I got your new address :grin:.

Updating now…

… and updated :grin:!

I’ll send address later for group 1056. I have stuff around the house I really need to be doing (ick!).

I have updated - thank you, everyone! :smiley:

Group 1056 will be sent tomorrow.

I received Group 1059 yesterday, and I will mail it back to the host (@hootnoodle) on Monday.

I haven’t started/sent Group 1052 yet. I’ll be working on that soon. :slight_smile: