[NA] Scavenger Hunt Offer Tag

Tag @marupiter

Find some snow.

Tag @uconn

Find something neon or food

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Tag @aemenheiser2

Next person gets to choose Neon light or Baby Ruth (food); candy is food, right?! :wink: *sorry, not good pics

Please find something metallic (gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc).

Tag @sunflak for the Baby Ruth

Choose copper, silver, or gold…

Please find something off the beaten path or something that can be used as a weapon (think Clue)…


Tag @nhigh for the gold card (You should have my address from the NARR March).

Here’s a rope which can be used as a weapon.

Or a bat.

Find someone wearing odd clothing or an animal wearing clothing.

Please let me know which card you’d like.


Tag @TwoDoggies for the bat card

With a horse wearing a sweater

Or this jetoy cat card

Find the easter bunny flowers or a dinosaur

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Tag @aemenheiser2

Find some B&W people


Tag @uconn
choose one. Either woman, or the many people on the steps.

All are from the fantastic Beasts postcard book.

The cards are b&w not pink. Forgive my lighting and shadows.
*Fantastic Beasts is set in the Harry Potter universe

Please find something magical

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How about a dragon @Crystalinne ?

Please find something mythological / fantasy-related


Tag @disappearingrecord

How about animals dressed up and having a party?

Find more stars or twinkling lights.

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