NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

D-17 is in the mail :mailbox_with_mail:



I closed Group F-17 and just sent the address list! Yay!

Group W-16 - Thank you, ellistrations, for this delightful shaped card, with a picture of two Walruses sitting at a desk. I’m keeping this card at my desk! :grin:


Time to get the F out of here! Group F-17 has been found to be flying fantastically from fabulous Florida.


My cards for F-17 are also being forwarded to fantastic fans! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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My F17 postcards are finally finished (and on their way)!

I also received two postcards for B17 from:
@AccentOnHakes , Thank you for the Botany and Bromeliad postcard! I will have to give that song a listen!
@ellistrations , Thank you for the Beach Bound postcard!! I love it! I miss the days when I didn’t need a whole beach setup due to hauling kids with me! hahaha

D-17 and F-17 are going out tomorrow! :slight_smile:

@emilyann - Alabama state map card, thank you! I love that the new round of the alphabet happened to start on the new year!

@hootnoodle - Ariel, thank you! Walks sound so nice. I’m hoping soon that I’ll have more free time to relax and get into a nice healthier routine.

@AccentOnHakes - Buildings behind fog and a big bat, thank you! This is a very odd yet interesting image!

Thanks @ellistrations for the book by Bill entitled Brown Bear from Barbara!

Happy New Year, group ! We were offline around the holidays longer than intended, but we are back ! :hugs:

K-16 & N-16 cards are going out tomorrow. We are sorting through piles of mail and so far have only found one recent card from this RR – November and New York, in N-16, from Emily Jo. Love the buttons !

Will keep sorting through the mail in hopes of finding more. Will see what groups are open and join more soon.

Stay safe and keep writing !

May I join H17?

I also received an awesome Aloha postcard for A17 from @hootnoodle! Thank you!! I’m so jealous of your walks! I feel like the light is finally at the end of the tunnel!


@Beachyblonde sent me BEARS enjoying a walk. Cute card! Thanks for all the stickers and great stamps, too.

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I will take a new group!

Group D-17 has been mailed!

I love this walrus card - does the back indicate the artist???

I be believing belonging to B-17? :wink:

Welcome back, @TeamBearCat!

Group U-16: @AccentOnHakes sent a view of Utah’s Arches National Park! I love this particular formation and Understand why it’s called, “Delicate Arch!” Thanks, Karen! :grinning:

Group V-16 - @Beachyblonde sent a fun card that’s a hybrid Van Gogh - Vineyard & Starry Sky! It was a Lantern Press poster and I love it! I’m also loving your addressing print! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Group C-17 - @emilyann sent a really Cool Card - “City NY.” I especially like the source, “The New York of Magazines.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Group E-17 closed and I’ll send the address list soon.

Thanks, everyone!

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@Beachyblonde - band of animals, thank you! Haha yes, I can imagine how bad they sounds, too, but who knows, maybe the barn animals have a great sound together.

Please add me to groups G-17 & H-17! :slight_smile:

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I got a Cricut for Christmas and discovered that it will write addresses for me! I really dislike my handwriting so I have started having the machine address them for me! I still write the message in my own, sloppy handwriting to keep it personal though!