My first Meetup in PARIS / FRANCE - 18th DECEMBER 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: PARIS :fr:

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Châtelet-les-Halles - Montparnasse - Luxembourg garden

:calendar: DATE: Saturday, December 18, 2021

:alarm_clock: TIME: It will be just the Saturday, or all the weekend (according to your desires, I could also schedule activities on December 19)

:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Dear postcrosser’s friends, :cherry_blossom:

I have never been able to participate in a meetup before, let alone organize one.
But here I am dear friends : I challenge myself and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting 17 people of you.

I had to set the number at 18 people maximum (including myself in it) because according to certain activities envisaged, we could not be more.

Here are my ideas for the day of Saturday, December 18, 2021:

- Start of the day at 9:00 am in front of the restaurant "Au Pain Quotidien " in the Châtelet-les-Halles sector (in Paris) for a good brunch together.
- Visit of the postal museum in the Montparnasse sector (in Paris): depending on each person’s budget and your wishes, the following workshops can be booked: (Description below are information on the website : Groupes adultes | Musée de La Poste

:chicken: The unmissable gourmet tour “Once upon a time … the postman” (Groupes adultes | Musée de La Poste)
Guided tour of the permanent exhibition around the emblematic objects of the collections with a focus on the character of the postman, followed by a moment of conviviality in the workshop room with the writing of a letter in pen Sergent Major accompanied by a gourmet coffee / tea.

Duration: 1h30
Price: 150 € + entrance tickets at reduced price

:chicken: Mail Art Workshops Groupes adultes | Musée de La Poste
Mail Art is an artistic movement which aims to convey ideas, through words and images, using postal services. This artistic practice, accessible to all, allows to link writing and creation by diverting in a playful and original way the classic codes of the letter and the correspondence.

Duration: 1h30
Price: € 150 + entrance tickets at reduced price.

- Below,Prices just for the visit (to be paid each on site) :

:chicken: Permanent exhibition

Full price: 5 € per person

Reduced price: € 4 per person

:chicken: Temporary exhibition

Full price: € 7 per person

Reduced price: 5 € per person

:chicken: Combined ticket (permanent and temporary exhibitions)

Full price: 10 € per person

Reduced price: € 7 per person

  • Depending on the time we have left, the weather forecast, and everyone’s possibilities, we could go for a walk in the Luxembourg Gardens. And end the day with a meal in a restaurant.


:maple_leaf: A postcard will be created in honor of this meetup with the help of my husband: everyone can sign and leave with at least one copy per person.

:maple_leaf: Since we will see each other a few days before Christmas, I plan to organize a gift exchange by a sort of raffle, when I have completed the list of participants. I find it a great idea to get to know each other and develop great friendships.
I would pick a random name that should make a gift box with lots of stuff in it for another person who will be there at the meetup.

What you should at least put in your Christmas box: :christmas_tree:

  • A letter that you have written to introduce yourself, explaining your experiences with Postcrossing, what you like the most about it and why.
    - A postcard on the theme of Christmas where you will tell your best memory of this period, tell a childhood story etc …
  • A handmade gift, belonging to you or to buy
  • Everything you want to add according to your desires

:maple_leaf: I would also create a homemade paper badge for each one.

:maple_leaf: Maybe surprises if i can :heart_eyes:


The activities may have to change, in particular because of the pandemic. Note that you will need to have a negative antigen / PCR test or proof of a valid health test (vaccine) to participate in the activities (museum and restaurant). Of course if this damn health test were to no longer have to be applied in France, I would not ask for it.

You may be asked for a financial contribution by Paypal if I have to book a workshop at the postal museum or for the postcard of the meetup.

If you’ve registered and can’t come, that’s okay, but try to let me know as soon as possible. (Thank you)

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me below. :cherry_blossom:

Please copy and complete the form below following this post only if you agree to be able to participate in all activities, including the Christmas gift. I wouldn’t want anyone to be left with nothing.

Registration form to post after ( Please, only if you seriously plan to come):

- Participant number: (2 to 18 - check the number of participants already registered before you)
- My beautiful name: (your real first name, not your nickname please)
- I come from : (Your country and city)
- I want the meetup to be (December 18/19 or just December 18)
- I speak: (spoken languages)
- I can write in: (written languages)
- Food allergies, allergic to plants or essential oils: (Yes or no: if yes, please define which ones)
- My favorite colors:
- My favorite animals:
- Team tea or coffee : (What sort did you like)
- Workshop at the postal museum: (If you answer yes, you agree to be able to pay a contribution. Please specify which museum workshop you prefer)
- Exchange cards or letters before the meeting: (Yes or no)
- To know about me: (Everything you want to share to get to know each other better before the meeting)

Hurry to see you :love_letter:



1 / @ladymelody :cherry_blossom:
- Participant number: 1 - Organizer / host.
- My beautiful name: Mélody.
- I come from : France, Andilly :fr:.
- I want the meetup to be : (December 18/19 or just December 18 : no matter)
- I speak: French is my native language - A little in English but with a very awful accent :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
- I can write in: French - English - Spanish ( a little )
- Food allergies, allergic to plants or essential oils: No
- My favorite colors: Rose-Gold / Blue / red / green.
- My favorite animals: Cats :heart_eyes_cat:, monkeys :monkey_face:, otters :otter:, foxes :fox_face:, unicorns :unicorn:.
- Team tea or coffee : I love tea, chocolate, cappucino (whatever sorts of).
- Workshop at the postal museum: It’s depend of the majority.
- Exchange cards or letters before the meeting: Yes with pleasure. :love_letter:
- To know about me: I am a somewhat crazy person who loves life and especially human relations. I am passionate about the world of Disney, everything cute, writing and my love cats. My friends say that I am a kind, fun, crazy and caring person with a good lioness character :lion:.
I manage a nice postcard project that I take to retirement homes near my home. If you want to write some and send them to me, please send me a message.
Looking forward to discovering you. :grin:

Hi! is someone interested in swap? I collect meet-up cards Here are my cards for swap: на обмен – 381 Bilder | VK

Swap meetup postcards is not the subject of this post.
Create your own topic about that!

Thanks for understanding and happy postcrossing.

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Dear postcrosser’s friends,

Could anyone be interested?
If you have any questions do not hesitate :slight_smile:

Hi, I may be a bit interested but right now it’s a bit too soon to be sure about it :slight_smile:
But I will follow the topic :smiley: