My favorite topic - SPACE EXPLORATION 🚀🛰️

Space mission’s First Day Entire Covers


I do not have pictures at this time, but the lunar eclipse stamp… When there’s heat or when you hold them, the eclipse disappears and the moon becomes visible. It’s one of my all time favorites.

I currently have some left of the Sun Science stamps. Those are nice too. I try to send those out when someone has an interest. I always buy fun stamps that i like and then i send them out on mail.


Thank you very much for this note. Jwst is absolutely amazing project. I was so nervous watching it launching :grin: it is a real marvel.

I printed quite a lot Jwst postcards set, and I would be happy if anyone here would be willing to send me back one of these with the Jwst stamp :blush:


Thank you :ok_hand:

I have flight crew and these two. I still need the launch site, spacecraft and landscape :point_up::blush:

I have some space exploration stamps. I posted some on the forum before:

And in the next days I can show my other stamps as well. Someone gave me as a present the stamp collection of a person who collected space stamps. The ones I already posted are the highlight for me because of the changing picture effect. :slight_smile:

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Sent you PM!

Lucky you with the collection :ok_hand::grin: so I hope your collection will grow. I also have some lenticular stamps. I will definitely post them later in this topic :point_up:


25.4.1963 was the date when this beautiful commemorative stamp was issued. It is not a stamp, it is actually a sheet that was issued with the envelope to commemorate the space exhibition “the man and the space flight”

In the picture, you can very clearly recognize the Mars 1 interplanetary station.

This picture was also used later this year (1963) as a part of the 6 stamp set just in a little bit different colors

Artist : Hudeček, Housa

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I love airmail stamps and space is part of that. There are many from the U.S. The hidden images series had several (8, I think) space related stamps.
I have enjoyed looking at everyone’s stamps very much.


I was always wondering, why these space shuttle stamps are so hard to get and expensive :thinking: is the hidden sign the reason?

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So the next space stamp set is dedicated to interplanetary missions. The only one that is based on a real spacecraft is the Mars 1 automatic station.

The set was issued on the 25th of April 1963 with the special commemorative sheet that you can find a little bit above this topic.

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I did not know they are hard to get. I like the hidden images stamps. There are quite a few of them, but it takes the special reader.
The strip above those are the “Stamp’in the Future” a stamp design contest for children.




The next set is dedicated to the first astronauts.
It was issued in 1964. You can compare with the previous issues. This set is quite bigger and also the stamps are much bigger than before.

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My favorite was this series of 5 minisheets from the US issued in 2000. About the time when I started my stamp collections. It still is the more awesome stamps on space that I have. These were issued from the 8th to the 11th of August of the World Stamp Expo in 2000. Three sheets had hologram stamps, one had a round stamp, another had 5 pentagon shaped stamps. It was everything a new collector could wish for.


These are really great! I am in process of buying them via ebay :grin:

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Hah Hah good to hear that those I had bought from the USPS. After that I bought these older issues of the US from ebay.

1967 Accomplishments in SpaceGemini 4 issued 29-Sep-67
1969 Apollo 8
Apollo 8 issued 05-May-69

First man on the Moon issued 09-Sep-69

Space Decade issued 02-Aug-71

Viking Missions to Mars issued 20-Jul-78


Thank you :ok_hand: I will ad some more USPS later.

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Royal Mail “Visions of the Universe”, issued on the 11th of February 2020.