My embroidered papercard (tuto)

Everyone finds the technique that suits them best. I’m glad to see you’ve found another way. Do not hesitate, @hankadl, to share your realization with all the people of the forum by publishing your photos.

Thank you so much, dear @Eden_Reliure for your great Tutorial.

Untill now I made two sailing boats
by curve stitching and like a lot to start
with writing, even as I’m interested
also very much in Handlettering!!!

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These are some of the postcards I have embroidered :blush:

I liked the hexagon pattern so much that I made 4 more in different colours for a handmade RR :smile: And the chicken design is taken from a video about traditional Maya weaving.


It is really beautiful ! Thank you for sharing your accomplishments with us, @hankadl . Thanks for inspiring others on this forum.

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I really like how the colorful backgrounds highlight the work! :heart_eyes:

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:They are amazing! Which material do you use as a base? Are they paper or cloth? The last one looks like thin wood?

Thank you :blush: All the postcards are embroidered on paper. The texture of the last one is painted (first a solid layer of orange and then a streaky layer of yellow). By the way, your comment made me very happy because I was indeed trying to achieve kind of a wood look!

Here is a snowflake! It is possible to use two or more threads depending on how you want to color your embroidery.

I often make this model in the workshop with children between 8 and 12 years old.

Be careful to mark the places where the wires must pass because there are many holes in the center. It is easy to be wrong.

The card is 15x15cm.