Music and Dance RR 🎶

It’s all about Music & Dancing :notes::musical_note::notes:

WELCOME to the MUSIC AND DANCE round robin!

Yes! You’ve found this new RR. I’m hoping to make something great here with your help. If you have any suggestions for groups, themes, or for me, please let me know. I’ve created a suggestions topic for that. I’m a first time host so I’d love to learn from more experienced ones!

In this RR we exchange postcards with different musical and/or dance themes on the front and in other cases the music-theme is presented in the writing on the back of the card. Please read the description before you enter a group so you know what this particular group is about and what sort of cards are allowed / prefered. We have different types of groups.

Our Guidelines [Please read first if you want to join]:

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  1. If you want to join, post a message in this thread and send a PM to the host @Coriena with your address, confirming that you have read the rules.
  2. New forum members can join one group at first. When you have been active in other RR’s and completed at least one you’re welcome to join more than one.
  3. You send one card to each person in your group. A group with 4 members means you will send 3 cards, and receive three cards.
  4. When a group is full, the host will send a PM to everyone with mailing addresses.
  5. You have two weeks to send your cards.
  6. Always include your username [Coriena], the RR [AAM RR] and the group ID [005] on the cards you send.
  7. Stick to the theme as best as you can, but have fun and use your imagination too. Explain your choice if necessary!
  8. Comment when your cards are sent and when you receive each card in your group. Remember to include your Group Number and the @User ID of the person you sent the card.
  9. Please send your cards written and stamped. I may throw in a traveling envelope or an unwritten group at times, this will be specified in the description of the group.
  10. Add / free or selfmade cards are allowed if they fit within the description however please be respectful to the member’s wishes.
  11. Missing cards: Occasionally, a card gets lost in the post. Most of us accept this as a part of our hobby. If a card has not arrived and it bothers you, please send a PM to the sender and ask for a replacement. All members are expected to honor such requests. There is a special section in the third message below with a list of INCOMPLETE GROUPS.
  • Please contact the host @Coriena if you are going to be away and/or unable to send or receive cards for more than a few days.

Thanks for joining and have a lot of fun,

Coriena :headphones:

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:musical_score: Open Groups

Group #001: Famous Musicians.

Group #002: Dance.

All kinds of dance are allowed in this group.

  1. @oi_aennyy
  2. @Coriena

Group #003: Unknown artists.

For instance: Street Musicians, Just a man playing violin, A cat on a piano.

Group #004: A favorite Song.

Write about a song you really like with a matching card.

  1. @Coriena

Group #005 Ballet.

Only cards related to ballet, no other dance genre.

Group #006 From my country.

Music or dance-related cards with musicians and/or dancing from your country. 1 participants per country.

  1. @MiraBWinter

Group #007 Rock and Metal.

  1. @Coriena

Group #008 Golden Oldies.

Artists that were famous in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Group #009 Ad / Freecard related to sing / dance / music.

For instance a concert or festival poster card or any other ad or freecard in this genre.

  1. @marit_la
  2. @Coriena

Adresses to be sent :notes:

:microphone: Traveling Groups

Closed Groups :musical_keyboard:

Suggestions thread :trumpet::violin::dancer:t2::guitar::drum::saxophone::ballet_shoes::man_dancing:t5:

If you have a suggestion that could help this group in any way, please let me know here!

Reserved host

Reserved by me

Reserved @Coriena


@Milatra, @nediam_nori, @Grapenat, @Polina_Mihalkova, @cremebrulee, @Alyonushka-SPb, @oiloncanvas, @borealis, @Pottokko, @Matilde007, @Mochi_momo, @bayankod, @Xeniyya, @Opec, @Ruru1212, @ellistrations, @Bouh, @lizilizzie, @RoniRavioli, @marit_la, @Feuerstuhl, @aisasami, @hexyr, @whitefroststreetboi, @aiyreen thank you all for voting, this RR is now open!


I would like to attend this group ( Group #009 Ad / Freecard related to sing / dance / music).

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Hi @marit_la, please send me your adress and I’ll add you to the group.


This is great news! I love music related cards.

I suggest a group “Any nice card related with music” or smth like that.
Maybe “Classical music”, “Musical illustrations”, “Cards with a touch of humour” or smth like that, “Black and white photo cards”, “Music orientated cards with music tips on the other side” …
Feel free :yellow_heart: to choose some, if they suit your ideas of this RR.

I’d like to join first in Group #006 From my country, if i may.

All the best for you @Coriena as a host :guitar: :notes: :saxophone:


(Now i notice this message is in wrong place, sorry!)

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Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll look at them tomorrow. Please send me your adress and I’ll add you.

Hi, thanks a lot for opening and hosting this RR : )

I would like to join gr. #002! :footprints:

I’ve also got a couple of suggestions for future groups:

  • Your favourite dancing outfit (handmade cards welcome)
  • “Music Cards” (with actual sheet music on them)
  • Own design with a line from your favourite song or piece (or is this Group #004?)

The suggestions are added to my future list!

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