Most Popular Sent Postcards - please read the NEW RULES IN THE 1ST POST

After 2 years they are still my top 4 :grin::grin:

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My most popular sent cards in June:

New milestone 25x :hearts:


Okay, in June the overall top 3 changed after place 3 lost one favorite. It’s now:
1st place (unchanged):

2nd place (unchanged):

3rd place with 4 favorites:

Does anyone know how the algorithm decides which one of the cards to take if there is a draw? Is it random? (It’s not the latest nor the first nor the last favorited.) Or is it just a Christmas fan? :wink: :grin:

And the most popular sent postcards in June:
3 favorites:

1 favorite:

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This has now received 10 likes:

And these were my most popular sent postcards in June:

With 3 favourites each:

And with 2 favourites:

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