Morocco and Ivory Coast

Hello, Post crossers!

I will be spending one day in Morocco and a few days within Côte d’Ivoire/ Ivory Coast. Hoping to send a bunch of postcards to friends, family and postcrossers as well.

I have not had much success in determining local postage requirements, what sort of stamps are needed and whether or not postcards are widely available. Does anyone have experience in either country? Thanks for helping out a fellow 'crosser! :slight_smile:

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This should help with postage details - Prices of stamps for postcards in all countries/territories (wiki)

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VERY handy. Thank you!

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Wow, that wiki goes a long way towards explaining why there are few cards coming from Argentina!


I had one card come from Argentina that took almost a year! I think they must have used the cheapest postage. If you have any left spaces for people to get cards I would love to get one from the Ivory coast and Morocco.

Hello user47,
So when will your trip be made? If there is still a relatively long time ahead, I could gladly supply you with mint (Morocco and even more) Ivory Coast stamps for you to use on your postcard mail. I should be able to send them to your home address in good time before your departure. No experience in these countries, but you should get someone´s advice one of these days, come on postcrossers!

And sure, I would certainly be delighted with a postcard from these countries, especially Ivory Coast. Awaiting your reply.

Here now, leave Friday AM


Hello friends. Despite our best efforts we were only able to find postcards at a resort (boring.) Unfortunately unable to locate postcards on anything cultural value nor UNICEF. Additionally we were not able to get postage. The post there is open only limited hours and we were unable to secure stamps via other means :frowning:

Morocco was a different story. Lots of postcards to be found in Casablanca and the local book/news stores sell stamps. I will rate Morocco a postcard friendly country given how easy it was and how helpful folks were.