Received from @cpaige a lovely envelope showcasing Lithuania. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

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My July cards have been mailed

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Received from @@mezzanine2
Nice black & white card with an awesome postmark! Thank you
I’m sorry to hear about your car accident. Glad you aren’t hurt! I hear what you’re saying how a hit & run can shake one’s faith in their fellow man. I hope you’re able to find some strategies for putting it behind you. I hope you have an excellent & calm summer.


Thanks a lot Cory @cpaige for including me in your July RR mailouts, even though I’m not in the July RR! Great to learn about the history and museums of Utena, Lithuania! And it seems you had a long visit to an Irish museum as well! :shamrock:

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Hello everyone, could somebody please help to understand how to join monthly RRs?
Thank you,

Hi Lala. @Stinkypaw is the organizer of the RR.

Tag her saying you would like to join for August and she can add u. At the firstnof August we get the listn of addresses. Its alot of fun.
I believe ifnyou scroll to post #1 the information is all there. See you in august. Crystal

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Hello @BrunLa,

This RR is for Canadian Postcrossing members. If you read the description/rules of this RR it is fairly simple. You need to sign up (first) by writing so on this thread and by sending me (@stinkypaw) your address via private message.

Once everyone has signed up (the registration is open until the last day of each month), I send a private message to all participants with the address of each participants on the 1st of the month.

You then send out a card to each participant, before the 15th of the month.

When you have sent out your cards, you post, on this thread, that your cards have been sent. When you receive a card you post, also on this thread, your thanks and comment about the card mentioning the sender’s name. Some people choose to also show the cards they’ve received, and there’s also an album available, for those who wishes to post there.

I hope this helps you better understand how to join this RR. If not, don’t be shy to ask.

Thank you

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My first cards of the month were waiting for me today when we arrived home from our family reunion/camping trip! Thank you John @mezzanine2 for your Emily Carr post card. Nice reminder that it’s time to return to the Vancouver art gallery! Thank you Giselle @milkiwei for your Vancouver art card! I grew up in Burnaby so I know the area!


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Three postcards arrived in Thursday’s mail delivery!

Thank you to @farmgirll for the “Million Dollar Quartet” postcard image featuring Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. I remember seeing a postcard here that had a blurry, grainy version portrait of them. It was interesting to see the image in such high resolution; like it was taken just yesterday.

Thank you to @moneill for the excerpt from Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The words especially resonate with me, in light of what happened in mid-June. It will be fun to see how Paris will stage these Summer Olympics in a couple of weeks. There’s already talk about the idea of a Vancouver bid for the 2036 Summer Olympic games.

Thank you to @helloleah27 for the postcard of a red fox. Again, the start of the show is the decorated back with all the details – the collage elements, stickers, coloured inks, big commemorative stamp, and even the cancellation mark from St. Albert, Alberta. Safe, happy travels to Vancouver. Try the Audain Museum in Whistler if you like art, and Arabica Whistler seems like the go to place for coffee while there.

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@mezzanine2 Thank You John for the new addition to my herd. He sure is a cutie.
Great cancelation as well! : )

I’m looking forward to a time when we can summer travel. So many terrific places to see!!

Thanks Crystal


Thanks for this great before and after postcard!
I like these as well. Little stinker of a cat bit the right corner the second i opened it!!! Lol guess she wanted to sign it. Thanks for the extras as well. Such cool statues!! I shall google them.
Love your famiky stamp …so cute.

It was 33 degress today… i hear some thunder!!!
Cheers. Crystal

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Painting by Edmond Aman-Jean from @mezzanine2, thank you.
Public transportation is a painful topic for Toronto. We were waiting for a long time for an extension of the subway, now we wait for the opening of the light train line on Eglington. I am afraid the next lines will be open only after my retirement…

National Civil Rights Museum card from @farmgirll - thank you!
We do not plan long trips this year (except my wife will be visiting her mother). But we use weekends to go around the province

Lions Gate Bridge card from @helloleah27 - thank you. I remember this bridge from our trip to BC - great place.

Victoria, BC card from @milkiwei - thanks. I remember walking - that was a wonderful trip.

Subtext card with a quote from Homer’s Odyssey from @moneill. Yes, I’ve read Odyssey and Illiada in translation to Russian - long ago. In 19th century classical education in Europe included knowledge of Homer’s works - in the old Greek language. What do students learn in the school now? :slight_smile:


A banner day today for cards! Thank you Leah @helloleah27 and Crystal @farmgirll for your cards.
Another Elvis and the U of A card. Did you get it from U of A? Did I read your card right that u are in Surrey? Crystal looks like you picked up a number of cards from Graceland! How many? Are you like me and went overboard!

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Today was a challenging day, but count on a mail delivery with postcards to help lift my mood.

Two postcards arrived today, both with floral themed stamps and both featuring postcard images of botanical gardens!

Thank you to @garvey for the postcard from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario. For a moment, I thought it was from the United Kingdom, but then read the fine print and learned otherwise.

Thank you to @milkiwei for the postcard of the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens on Oak Street in Vancouver. Anything away from fast moving, noisy vehicular traffic in Vancouver is my preference for pedestrian environments at this time.


:wave: AUGUST is NOW open for sign ups! :wave:

I’m in for August!

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@Stinkypaw hello
Please sign me up for august. : )
Thanks Crystal

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Received a very cute illustrated card of roses from @helloleah27 Thank you! Hope you had fun in Burnaby!

A card from the Bafta Shoe Museum came in from @garvey . Cool, thanks! My mom has been there, she says it’s a very interesting museum.
I’m not sure what kids read in English classes these days. I remember studying Romeo & Juliet, The Crucible and Twelve Angry Men in high school in the early 2000s. Now that I think about it more, i think we did read some excerpts of The Odyssey, but only to show examples of the writing style.

Edited to add: My son says they studied The Bell Jar and 1984 ( he graduated last year)

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Dropped my cards in the mailbox yesterday morning.

And I received from:

@cpaige - a fun envelope of goodies, including Lithuanian then and now views, a veteran’s memorial in Minnesota, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, and Veterans Affairs “thank a veteran” cards - thank you for sharing these pieces of your travels!

@moneill - thank you for the fun Wizard of Oz quote - I don’t think I’ve ever actually read the book…I think I’ll put it on my “to read” list! I like that literacy stamp too - the puzzle piece shape is so cool!

@helloleah27 - thank you for the lovely colorful and summery butterfly card - there’s a big black and yellow one that I see in my yard a lot, and I always try to get a good picture of it but it always moves right when I press the button…I am convinced it’s doing it on purpose and laughing at me as it flies away. And it was way too hot for me this past week, and lucky us, we get to have more of the same next week!

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