@Nique, does this mean you’ve received a card from @truenorth_49?

I’d like to join the March RR. First timer! :grin:


Yes. That is what it means.

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I’ll join for March since I apparently have all the time in the world now.



Wowee! Two for the price of one? How did I get so lucky :hugs: :four_leaf_clover:

Long weekends are always THE BEST! Aren’t they? Your Lentil Spinach Soup sounded perfect :bowl_with_spoon:

I like what you wrote and think our fellow RR’s would appreciate it too:

“Feb has been a breath of fresh air so far and tomorrow will be something new & different”.

Big THANKS to my favourite Postcrossing couple :blue_heart: :sparkling_heart:

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Sorry, Off-Topic:
I’ve started new Topic: Canadian Travelling Envelope. Join me if you want.


Received: card with Seagal by Canadian artist Qavavau Manumie. Thank you!

A little late as I temporarily misplaced my cards while moving, but just dropped my cards in the mail!

Received- @Kanada123, @katie333, @Stinkypaw, @garvey, @rheaster, @truenorth_49, @evank, @Mag1979, @JasonDavid


@garvey please verify sender, as they are no seagal in this month’s senders…

Cards received this week:
A lovely illustrated card by a Canadian artist from @truenorth_49. Thank you! We just had our own dose of yearly snow last weekend!! Otherwise cold but bearable.

@Stinkypaw a Lugano card from Switzerland I think - cute thank you :slight_smile:

A steampunk cat!!! From @Mag1979 I love this!! I think i must add steampunk to my profile. I took in a cirque show years ago in the steampunk style and have never forgotten it!

A Valentine’s Day cat card from @farmgirll - thank you.

Thanks everyone, these cards were a special treat this week!


I interrupt this great fun :man_cartwheeling: of Monthly RR - CANADIAN EDITION
for the most beautful :sparkling_heart: and delightful POSTCARDS I received
from her little business

I am SO HAPPY with them!
Your selection is FAN-TABULOUS
you generously added extra’s with
a “gift”
a “surprise”
and some :canada:'ian postcards too!

You made me VERY Postal Happy :love_letter:

Thank you!
Merci Beaucoup!!

(thanks @katie333 for telling me about this local online shop in the 1st place!)


@rheaster thank you so much for your colorful card! I hope you like learning french, I think it’s a difficult one for english-speaking people. I learned spanish, a bit of italian and a tiny bit of Indonesian…Just enough to order fried rice in Bali! :sweat_smile:

Thank you dear @Nique for the Newfoundland card, like you this wonderful place is on my bucket list!
Fun fact about Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré: each year on our way to Tadoussac (whales watching), we stop there to eat at a restaurant called Le Marie Beaupré! And when I was young, I thought the Cyclorama was a place where bicycles went to compete indoor…:roll_eyes::rofl::nerd_face: :biking_woman:t3:


Turns out our building’s mailbox was broken and they saved all our mail for yesterday.
February - #3 truenorth_49 received these cards:

  • @MailingLlama indigenous art, thank you and thanks also for the info on the artist! I’m amazed by your penmanship, how long did it take you to write the card?
  • @Stinkypaw a nice Alberta prickly rose card. Merci! I also hope this month will be better than the last one. The cat sticker was super cute!
  • @rheaster wow, where did you get a card of Winnipeg’s Chinatown? Thank you! Kudos on setting up such a neat activity for homeschooling, hope all of you are enjoying Postcrossing so far.
  • @farmgirll a nice island Valentine’s day card, thank you! We now know they were not wrong about the -50 windchill, LOL. Hope your visit to Brandon went great!
  • @JasonDavid a great view of the National Art Gallery, which I hope to visit someday, thank you! I showed it to my husband and asked him if something was missing, he figured it out right away (Nunavut)
  • @katie333 a book by Simone de Beauvoir, thanks! I haven’t read this book either; my preferred genre is historical fiction, but my book clubs helped me branch out to other ones.
  • @evank TWO cards, and both of Italy, wonderful! Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and rested lots. Yes, we’ve tried new recipes during the lockdown! I learned to bake (I never did before), and my husband cooks a new dish from a different country every Sunday. Tomorrow we’re trying something from Togo.
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Glad you’ve enjoyed your purchase! Thanks for the shout out!


@Stinkypaw It might be from me… @garvey, does it say truenorth_49 by any chance?

Oops, sorry, that’s really your card. I thought that mentioned you. My mistake

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I’m in for March!


Please don’t apologize! It happens to everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you @Nique for the NL card and your kind words, glad you’re enjoying this RR!

Thank you @evank for the 3 cards, very generous. You’re right, for me, snow is no big deal and yet it is still fun and quite pretty if one enjoys winter. Thanks again!

Cards in the group’s album.

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I’m in for March ! :slight_smile:

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