✅ Missing unread notification

I’m seeing a “1” on my profile photo and its bothering me. Apparently I have “1 unread high priority notification” and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I have checked through all my notifications, filteres unread and checked one by one. and refreshed the site few times but the “1” is still there.


The same thing happens to me sometimes. Close the forum and reopen and it should go away.

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I have reopened the chrome, navigated other tabs on postcrossing and refreshed the tab multiple times. Still its there. I have done this many times now.

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This happens to me too sometimes. After a while it always went away again so far, but it is a bit annoying.

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I think this might be a bug

A user told in German - Deutsch also about that - she had the problem since the day before yesterday - @reiselustig

Maybe someone of you will open a topic in Bugs


Can I post it there?

Yes, do it and I move the other posts there.

I don’t know if this would be of any help, but here’s something I noticed

Tab title says 2. So I checked the notifications…

But later the tab title became zero yet there’s an unread notification.

Oh yeah. Its very annoying :sweat_smile:

It happened to me the other day too. I had gotten a PM from someone, but opening it and reading it didn’t make the notification go away. It eventually did disappear, but not until much later.

I think same thing happened to me too. I started to notice it after the last pm I received on December 1st.

Wonder they all had the similar situation.

I also have this since December 1st.

I, too.

I’m having the same problem.

Are you still experiencing the problem? I can still see mine.

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Yes, it’s still here for me as well.

Irritating as hell!!!


Yes, I’m still experiencing the problem. The unread notification hasn’t gone away.

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Me too.

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For those experiencing this, does the mystery notification appear listed here?

I’m guessing it’s some odd caching issue as it is not hard for things to get slightly off sync until something clears up.

As a new Discourse version is bound to be released soon, it may be better to wait for that to see if the issue is still in there.

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This is what I saw when I clicked the link.