Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers May 2021 Virtual Meetup

@Annerie just checked our list, we’ve got your data, you are good-to-go!

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@eta55, thanks! That’s good to know.
I’m looking forward to the meet up next week, see you all then!

Still have mine right? Will be sure to go

We got you Carlos, look forward to seeing you!

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It is 9 PM local time here so will prepare for later morning. See you!!!

I look for it, I will stay only one hour I think because I have to be early wake up in the morning.
I think you have also my information. I didn’t find back on the link you send how I can send you the information.


Hi Eric👋

I can’t find the Zoom link in my mail.
Have you sent it?

I have not the zoom link!..

same here, I don’t find the link

Same here…

This ones I think

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The link is here

Do you find the link?

For full details, including the address, and to RSVP see: https://www.meetup.com/Mid-Atlantic-Postcrossers/events/276965525

Here it is not the link


Thank you. I can’t access…Have a nice meeting. Good by!

Thank you for organizing! The presentations were great by the way :smiley:

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@eta55 Thanks for everything, Eric!
@Antonella- congratulations on winning the Eurovision Song Contest whilst meeting :wink:

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Thanks for the meetup!!! Sorry I got disconnected because my internet connection is bad. Will be sure to join again in the future!

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