Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers May 2021 Virtual Meetup

I’m visiting family, so I’m not sure if I can attend. I might just pop in to say hello.

I would love to join!

This is my first time trying to do a meetup! I would like to participate. i am trying to register for the Meetup, but it is not allowing me to enter my email…hmmmmm… Any guidance would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Happy to join :slight_smile:

Hello would like to join.

I was initially planning to attend this meetup but now I realize that it is at exactly the same time as the Eurovision Song Contest final … ! :open_mouth: So unfortunately I will have to give this one a miss. Hopefully there will be other opportunities in the future, I had so much fun at your meetup in March :blush:

Count me in :blush:

Oohh - I think I missed the April Meeting. I already have this one on my calendar!

Hi Eric! I will be glad to join this Meet Up too! I have also rsvp’d in the meet up site. Thank you!

I’m in! Thank you Eric, looking forward to it!

Hi! I’ve been trying to register on the Meetup link above, but it keeps getting stuck. Is there another way to register, or should I just keep trying?

Thanks in advance!

You can consider this your RSVP. looking forward to meeting you! Please send me a message with your name and address so we can distribute meetup cards to you following the event.

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Good afternoon!!! I would love to attend this meet up!!!

Hello from Romania!
I want to join this meet-up. Thank you.

Hello from the Netherlands!
I like to join this meeting to. :slight_smile:

Cards are in:

All attendees who have provided their contact data as requested on the Meetup site will get both a personal card (signed and sent to them by the host) and a packet of blank cards.

A reminder that RSVPS should be processed here:

Mid-Atlantic Postcrossers May Virtual Meetup

It makes a HUGE difference for the organizers if you help us out by providing your data before the event. Please go to the Meetup site at the above link and follow the instructions there. Be sure to read the comments below the event listing.

Look forward to seeing you on the 22nd!


Oooh - very nice!

That card is awesome! I’m looking forward to the event! I’m not seeing the information in the comments on the event page . I’m assuming it’s the same email/information to be sent as the last meetup, but I don’t want to flood you with the wrong info!

Hi Whitney -

If your info has not changed, you are good-to-go, we’ve got you. If it has, we need the following:

  • Postcrossing handle: Beachyblonde
  • Real Name: Whitney NNNNNN
  • Meetup handle
  • address as it would appear on the card/packet

We are looking forward to the event as well, went over the presentations the other night, and things are coming together!

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The card looks great and I hope that I will receive one as well… But I’m not sure if I’ve provided my contact data on the meetup side and I’m not sure how I can check that… :blush: