Meetup Kaatsheuvel - De Efteling 27 July 2024

:calendar: DATE: 27-07-2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 9 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello everyone,

on saturday 27-07-2024 I organize a meeting in amusement park DE EFTELING.

the efteling opens at 9:15 AM , we would like to collect at 9:30 AM at the main entrance, because we then have plenty of time to collect everyone and take a group picture (with pardoes if he’s still there )

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to buy tickets at the Efteling itself, this because all cash register are gone.
:arrow_right: you need to buy tickets in advance online :arrow_left:

:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:
to get cheaper tickets I advise you to check at: and ask for friends tickets ( vriendentickets zijn tickets die abbonement houders hebben voor de helft van de entree prijs ). these are 24-26 euros. (but many people ask for more±30,- so keep this in mind)

the normal entrance fee is 51 euros.

parking ticket costs 13,50 euros

:arrow_right:the entrance + parking tickets are for your own costs. :arrow_left:

Efteling is easily accessible by public transport from all over the Netherlands and Belgium.
the buss stops in front of the efteling itself.

if needed you can use an wheelchair from the efteling ( reserve in advanvce is neccesary in that time of year ) .

the efteling is open these days from 10:00AM till 10:00PM in connection with the summer holidays. so an extra long day to hold a meeting and still have enough free time. there will also be plenty of entertainment throughout the park.

we will start with the meeting first. we will sit bij restaurant KASHBA

having lunch together is not necessarily necessary at this meeting.
you can eat and drink whenever you want, you can get this somewhere in one of the many catering establishments, or you can bring it yourself to save some costs.

after the meeting you can go through the amusement park and have a nice day. take pictures, go on rides etc.

If you want to buy postcards from the Efteling, I will advise you to do this in the first store by the main entrance. EFTELDINGEN

a meetup postcard will be designed. this will be showed in the groupschat.
price will be around 0,50/0,60 per piece

postcards are paid in advance. you get postcards at the meeting.

unfortunately you cannot order postcards and not come to the meeting.

we will make an groupschatt in whatsapp to keep in touch, this is easier to inform you all at once. but also the card will be anounced there and other inportant information will be given there .
photo’s can be shared there afterwards.
( so if i don’t have you’re phone number yett, i will aks you )

there is room for 15 people
1 Rowena2403
2 Carolien25
3 Unicorn2002
4 Riley2410
5 Jaynillo MAYBE
6 Victoriairis ( bart en fleur gaan door het park )
7 IrisenFleur
8 Itsagoldsky
9 ElisaJ
10 AnoukVDM
11 Specialhorse
12 JudithPaul MAYBE
13 jessie0691
14 Madeofthis
15 blijdatikschrijf

1 Muppet450
2 Charity 17


ik wil misschien komen even kijken met voetbal

jaa ik kom weer graag

Ja leuk… Alleen wel graag voor nu nog even op een ovb

Leuk! Ik kom :slight_smile:

Ik (Iris) kom ook graag weer

Ik ga graag mee, maar onder voorbehoud

Ik kom graag =)

Anouk van der Meer komt ook graag weer!

Ik kom graag :slight_smile:

Judith Paul komt ook gaag =) OVB

Ik kom graag

Ik wil graag komen, maar nog OVB in verband met vakantie!

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I’d love to join!
Love the Efteling :slight_smile:

Ik wil ook graag komen

Oooooh te laat

Mag ik op de reservelijst

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Je moogt mij in de wachtlijst zetten

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Ik zou graag ook op de wachtlijst komen, dank je

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Mag ik op de wachtlijst?
Deze keer geen 2 dagen???

voor nu nog even niet.
Ik moet even aan me gezondheid gaan denken.