Meetup Card Ideas?

I am hosting a meetup in May 2023 and it will be at a postcard and stamp show.
I was thinking of making the postcard…postcard themed :joy:
I’d love any and all ideas to help me create this card!

Right now this is what I am thinking:
The front of the card matte finish with a depiction of the back of the card… and doing the signatures/Postcrossing stamps on the front. The right side will have the Postcrossing logo and meetup location info like this:

Meetup, 27 May 2023
Denver Postcard Show
Aurora, CO 80016

Doing the signatures/stamps on the front will give the sender space to write on the back, but I’m still not sure about this idea! One of my worries is the mail sorting machines will get confused. Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!


Any meetup cards that I have received all the signatures have been on the back. It seems to be the normal thing.

Though I am sure someone who has designed a meetup card, or has been to one, will be able to give you better advice :slight_smile:

If this is printed on the right side of the postcard’s front, I’m afraid that the sorting machines could be wanting to send the cards to Aurora. As there’s no stamp on the front side, I imagine the card then will be hand-sorted, which will cause delays.

And there’s a risk that the signature ink stamps won’t take on the front side as the paper usually is treated with some kind of finish that will risk to leave the signatures smeared and ugly. :confused: I was on several meetings where even the writing side proved incompatible with some of the “jucier” ink stamps, causing stains on all cards, and I’m sure the side not designed for writing won’t be better.

One of the the fun things about Meetup cards is their front part, with a photo or illustration matching with the Meetup theme or place. So honestly I’d be deceived if there wasn’t a picture on the front, also as people whom I send it to might not like this kind of card.

And a last thought - I wouldn’t want to show the signatures in my Flickr collection album, for privacy reasons that seems somehow wrong to me… :see_no_evil:

I’m really sorry to rain on your parade, but I wouldn’t like this idea. :upside_down_face:

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