Meeting Terschelling 10.04.22

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Terschelling, Friesland, The Netherlands
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Hotel de Walvisvaarder, Lies
:calendar: DATE: sunday 10 April 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:15 hour (Amsterdam Time zone)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello Everyone,

We (Johanna and Linda) will organize een meetup on the Island Terschelling again!
We are very happy to see you again on the Island, and new people are welcome to!

Unfortunately, we are currently dependent on the corona measures in force at the time of the meeting.
Take into account the current corona measures at that time.
Don’t forget your mouth cap and covid pass.
At the moment there are relaxations in the Netherlands, but it remains to be seen what the cabinet decides in April.

09:30 meet at the terminal in Harlingen, to take the slow ferry from 10:05. (this is only for the people that are coming on the sunday to the Island) If we arrive on the Island we take the local bus to the Lunch location.

12:15 we all meet at the lunch location. (hotel de walvisvaarder, Lies) We have our own place in a cozy room in the hotel for our lunch and write the meetup cards and books.
We will have a lunch buffet, with soup and sandwiches. Includes coffee, tea, buttermilk or milk.
€12.50 p.p

15:00 We are in the process of arranging a bus tour on the island.
The bus tour will end on the Harbor of West Terschelling, but can you also bring back to the hotel.
Because of the planning of the Bus tour we want know which ferry you take back on sunday to the mainland or if you stay on the Island.

There are many options to take the ferry back to the mainland. 16:25 fast ferry, 16:45 fast ferry, 17:30 slow ferry, 18:35 fast ferry. Please let us know which ferry do you prefer? so we can make sure you’re back at the harbor on west Terschelling on time

participant list:
01 Linda (organisator) *paid
02 Johanna (organisator) *paid
03 Jorrit *paid
04 Pia *paid
05 Dina *paid
06 Marloes *paid
07 Geertruida *paid
08 Sagabi
09 Andrea236 *paid
10 Harlingen *paid
11 Ute *paid
12 Nicolien *paid
13 Marjan *paid

Wating list:

Please let us know in a PM: Your name and If you allready been on the Island or you take the ferry on sunday morning. If you are going back home on Sunday evening, let us know which ferry you are taking back

please note you have to book the ferry yourself!
More information on:
there are also advantageous packages, with or without a bus ticket
Acties en Arrangementen | Rederij Doeksen

Meetup card:

meeting cards will cost €0.80 each.
And receive you at the meeting.
Please let us know how much cards you will order. (Max. 30 cards)

if this is your first meeting you can always send a message to request more information.

See you on Terschelling
Linda and Johanna


Hallo! Dina and i would love to join!

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Hi Linda & Johanna,
It’s really great that you are organizing another meeting on Terschelling!
I love to come and write Nele (notabene)’s name with reservation.

Marloes (mlandman)

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Hello Johanna and Linda
I like to come.
Sign me in
I take the ferry on Sunday.

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Count me in please o.v.b

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Please count me in OVB (I have to wait for my work schedule first).

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Count me in please

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Ik kom ook graag naar Terschelling en ga met de sneldienst van 1835 uur terug.

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I want to join please

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Last minute, Nicolien(pc-holland ) and i are coming also if it is possible.
We are ariving in Harlingen at sunday morning.
And leave the next day.

Sorry, I have to cancel.
II have to work that weekend
Hopefully there Will Be another meeting on Terschelling in the future

Wat jammer!
Volgende keer beter.

Hi, ik wil ook wel OVB mee. I have to find someone to take care of my dog. He is 16 and blind and deaf, so not an easy travel companion. :slight_smile:
I’ll take a slow ferry on sunday 1835

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hello, i like your meetup postcard :heart_eyes: can we swap?
i can offer this meetup postcard, stamped and with all the signatures by partecipants


please let me know, thank you very much :smile:

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Hello, I like your card! :smiley:
I send you later a message, I’m busy with the organisation now.
You can send me also een PM

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I will be glad to exchange. :pray:t3: My exchanger:

Hello. I would be happy to exchange)

I am now counting down the day,s until I can meet you all at our Meeting on Terschelling!
I will greet and welcome you in front of Hotel Walvisvaarder and Linda will travel with a number of them on the ferry to Terschelling!
Wish everyone a good trip to our Meeting and that we can have a lot of fun together!!
Johanna (FrieseAntillen)


I would be happy to swap😃

what a great day today. thank you all for the fun. and see you next time.

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