Meeting in Gent on 1 October for WPD

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Gent, Belgium
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Station Gent-Sint Pieters/ Gravensteen ( Castle of Count) in the centre
:calendar: DATE: 1 october 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00 at the station, arround 10:30-10:45 at the Castle of the Counts and we finish at 18:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

The day
We will wait at two places to pick up people 10u at the station, than we need to take a tram to the centre and pick up other people there arround 10u30-10u45 at the Castle of the Counts. So let me know if you come where you will wait.

After we take the tram we go shopping in some shops and after it we will eat something and write the cards. I have reserved at Foley’s Bar and restaurant where we can stay to 18:00

If you don’t want to shop cards you can also comes directly to the restaurant arround 13:00

The desing of the meeting cards. I have two of them. The price is 0.20 cent for one card. If you know wich desing you need or the two and how much you need let me know.

I will give my number also if you want it. Just ask me than.

For transports and parking
For people who comes by car : more information here about parking Naar Gent met de auto | Visit Gent

For people they come to the station: We need to take a tram to the centre, so one ticket is 2.5 EUR More information here

I hope to see you all soon and look for this meeting.

Greetings Lara and Jo


  1. Mamiielariie
  2. Jo ( 50 of mailman and 20 of castle)
  3. Jeke (by train) (15 of ech)
  4. Mieke (by train) ( 10 of each)
  5. Ferro (by train) 10 of each desing
  6. Mamanclaire (by train) (25 of each)
  7. NancyV ( by train) ( 10 of castle and 20 of mailman)
  8. Lies76 ( by train) (4 of mailman)
  9. Thys ( restaurant) ( 20 of mailman)
  10. Lucky-Luke ( restaurant) ( 10 of each)
  11. Marchandjos (by train) ( 5 of each)
  12. Postsmurfin ( train) ( 10 of each)
  13. Esperluette ( car) ( 10 of castle and 15 of mailman)
  14. Esperluette’s partner
  15. rowena2403 ( 6 of castle and 20 of mailman)
  16. frankie ( 6 of castle and 16 of mailman)
  17. Shalottslady (castle ) ( 15 castle and 10 mailman)
  18. Teapot ( castle) (10 of mailman)
  19. Dorien13 (train) (5 of each desing)
  20. Opec ( car) (5 castle and 25 mailman)
  21. BelgiumKat ( castle)
  22. EdithK (Castle) (15 of each) ( 5 stamps world and 25 for europe)
  23. EdithK partner Jan
  24. Malcarado ( train) ( 20 cards of mailman)
  25. biloe (castle) via postcrossing (10 cards Castle)
  26. sofferhaf (castle) via postcrossing ( 6 of each desing)
  27. Lilly1503 (10 of each)
  28. Lilly1503 friend
  29. Christopher67 (by train) ( 10 of each desing)
  30. Schrizzo ( train) ( 5 of each)
  31. Belgischwitloof ( 15 of each desing
  32. Miss- Animals: Carole mum (by train) ( 20 of each desing)
  33. Miss- Animals: Audreay daughter
  34. Mapcardcollector ( by train) (15 of each desing) (25 Europe and 15 World)
  35. AnnCarol (10 of each desing)
  36. Charluber ( 1 of each) By train 2 stamps for europe
  37. Wanderr
  38. Tani ( 5 of each)
  39. Kathleen1963 (by train) (10 of each)
  40. DinoMino ( by train) ( 20 of each) stamps
  41. Siebe1 ( by train) ( 10 of each)
  42. Wenyizz (by train) (5 of each) ( 10 EU stamps- 10 World stamps)

Wil je mij en @Frankie op de lijst zetten als een maybe alsjeblieft

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you can count on me!


I would like to join this meeting.
Ik kom met de trein.


Ik wil er ook graag bij zijn.

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hallo, ik zou mij graag willen inschrijven.
ik kom mett de trein
alvast bedankt
josette marchand


Hello, If we remain at maximum 25 people I will also join the meeting
But I cannot stay until 18:00, sorry for that.
I see that the list is not complete… does somebody update it from time to time :grinning:?
See you soon…

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hi, I think Lara updates the list from time to time.

Yes i will update later this day or tomorrow the list. When i have time. We can stay to 18u but if you want to be earlier back.

Hello, it will be a pleasure to join the group. By train or by car ? I will inform later. Thanks

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I just update the list now

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Hey Lara, zet je mij er ook op? Ik weet de weg en zal waarschijnlijk 't Gravensteen staan.
@Librije , @Bellonia en @veke250 hebben jullie al plannen die dag? Any plans that day?

Will you count me in? I know my way around and will probably meet you at the Castle.


Graag ´mij´ ( LINDA KELDERS) inschrijven, misschien mag ik mijn lief meebrengen ! ?

I put you on the list and your partner too

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He @Mamiielariie , ik moet me uitschrijven, mijn lief gaat niet mee en dan lukt de koffer ook niet, … groetjes vanuit Antwerpen! :wave:

Helaas dan zijn wij met vakantie.

Jammer, maar alvast veel plezier op reis! Andere keer misschien.

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Yay, this will be my first meetup! Count me in! I’ll be at Gravensteen :))

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I would like to join :slight_smile: I will come by train.