Meet-Up in Hagenow on World Postcard Day 01.10.2022

:earth_asia:CITY/REGION: Hagenow, Mecklenburg - Vorpommern
:pushpin:MEETUP PLACE: Museum, Lange Str. 79, 19230 Hagenow
:date:DATE: October 1, 2022
:alarm_clock:TIME: 14:00

Hello Postcrosser!

I’m quite new to postcrossing and my German is very bad yet. But despite the great fear, I went in search of a place to organize a meeting. It will be held for the first time in the small town of Hagenow. Not much is open on Saturday, including the museum itself will be closed to visitors, but the museum director has kindly agreed to provide a place to sign postcards, as well as conduct an hour-long tour of the city.

I would like to create a chat in whatsapp for the participants of the meeting. Please make your own itinerary. I didn’t use public transport, so I won’t be able to tell you. If you need to stay overnight, check availability at hotels in our city and book in advance.

The maximum number is 15 people.
The cost of the tour and the museum is 60-70 euros (this is a symbolic cost of 5-6 euros per person)

The time is 14:00, but if it’s late, I’ll ask you to reschedule for the morning, for example, 11:00

After the tour, we will return to the museum. We will get acquainted, make postcards and drink tea. We will also play the board game “Eco Heroes”, from which you will learn a lot of interesting things about ecology.

I have been friends with WWF for many years, so I would like to devote the topic of the meeting to the protection of polar bears. At the moment I am preparing postcard layouts for a meeting with the image of a traveling bear.

The cost of a postcard is approximately 0.30 when printing from 100 pieces.

Please feel free to give tips on organizing a meeting from your experience. What you need to have, what kind of office, how do you confirm participation, how do you book the number of postcards, how do you pay, etc. I have never held or attended such meetings. Postcrossing prompted me to overcome the fear of the language barrier and find a place :slight_smile: This is a good practice for me, and a great day for you to learn about my city Hagenow.


I would like to join. I´ll send you a message! Uta

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Hi! This is great news! The message has arrived!

Hello, very beautiful postcard :heart_eyes:, I want to exchange :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello, you have amazing postcards. If anyone wants an exchange, please let me know. Have a good meeting!

Postcards are ready for our meeting in Hagenow.


I will be glad to exchange ))

Can we swap?

replied in private messages🙂

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do you still have postcards to exchange? do you still have postcards to exchange? send in private messages

Добрый день! Очень понравились эти открытки. Хочу обменяться VK ID

И эта открытка

Looking for swap for both of the cards!
My offer:

Looking for exchange!)))) For the first postcard.
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beautiful postcards, looking for an exchange for a bear on a plane

Доброго времени суток. Встреча же прошла. Не осталось открыток, но если у Вас есть вконтакте, можете посмотреть группу @darim_radosty там не только такого мишку можно заказать, но и друшие из этой серии.