May Alternative RR 1

I’d like to join again, please!

I would like to join again please

I would love to join again as well! Please!!

I would like to join again :rofl:

I´d like to join.

Welcome everyone!! I’ll put the temporary group lists in a minute. :hugs:

@Luro there’s usually more than one group, so you’re good! Choose whatever is more comfortable for you. And please send me your address :innocent:
@arnab_phila I don’t think I have your address, please message me. :blush:

I like to join again with #9 plz

Please sign me up for any group.

I saw you added me to group 1,that’s perfect for me. I don’t have preferences so far :smiley:

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Want to join in the May RR

Could I join a group? Looks like there may be spot for one more American in a group!

I’d like to join if there’s a spot for me! Thanks!

I like to Join es #8 ist possible

Please sign me up again! :slight_smile:

I’d like to join, thanks.

Yes, you’re in! I’ll just need your address :wink:

@ellistrations I’ll put you in the waiting list for now, because USA spots are filled. Maybe there will be a third group :blush:

Aww shucks, filled so fast! I hope for a third group, thank you! :slight_smile:

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i would like to join, thx

I want to join as #21 if possible!