Map of the World

Very practical!How did you download it?

I found it on Google Play Store. But I think there are many other similar apps in other places too. Try to search something like “country visited” or “country been”. Hope you find good one. :slight_smile:

I use a large atlas. It’s a heavy book but it was destined to be thrown away so it’s had a second life. :smile:

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Borrow away!! :grin:

I’ve used a world map for years but the map book idea is a good one, especially because there’s so any fun pens available now! This is my map though, I did have to print off extra maps of smaller/more prolific countries because my world map (which is one of Quantas flight paths from the late 80s or early 90s I think. Mum was going to throw it away!) was getting a bit crowded!

The world map

Some individual countries on a separate board

Germany is getting crowded even here!

Europe on the big map is just a forest of pins

The USA in particular is fun because I could see the pins following geographical formations like rivers and mountain ranges! You could see that with Europe as well but it wasn’t quite as obvious

You can see Europe on the big one is very crowded! I use what’s called dressmakers pins (nice long ones) and coloured beads on the pins for sent to/received from this place. Warm colours for sent and cool or received, black is expired. The teardrops are travelling cards, some of them I’ve coloured the tip with black texta to show “expired but still travelling”.
It hasn’t been updated for a while, I ran out of cheap beads and I don’t want to use my good ones!


WOW! They are amazing! The tall pins with their shadows look like those art projects you see. :heart_eyes: LOVE IT!!

Oh, the ones with the string wound around them to make a 3D string picture? I forget what it’s called.

Would love to see one of your pages in your atlas when it’s done. I might visit the second hand bookshop when I’m in town tomorrow to see if she’s got one I can try it out with. I like my map-and-pins but it’s difficult to find the time to update it sometimes.

I couldn’t get a clip of the book tilting so got two stills. The dots really light up! Looking forward to getting more detailed maps so I can fit in more dots. :slightly_smiling_face:


I use this cardboard globe I found on-line. The globe was made in Italy and folds together. I use an assortment of pins to show places from which I have received and sent cards. It sits on my desk as a decoration and reminder. At some locations, I’ve run out of space. The only dilemma I have had, is that the folds sometime collapse when I push in a pin too hard, but it folds back together easily enough.


This so cool!! Never seen anything like that!! :smiley:

The black ones ares send, the white are received. On Germany, BeNeLux and some Citys I stoped pinning, because otherwise they would fall of the map.


Beautiful map! Really wish more people from South America and Africa would take part.

Good idea the Atlas, I had not thought about it!
At first I wanted to use a large Map but I would like to color each city/village and not just the country received. So the Atlas may be the solution. Or a road map of the main countries (Germany, Russia, USA, China…).
I still have to think.

I got this cork map as a Christmas gift before I joined postcrossing. Used it to keep track of my travels, but wanted a way to use it more often, so I’ve been tracking my postcards on it!
White is sent, red is received.