Map of the World

Hi All
Does anyone else keep a map of the world and mark it when you receive a card from a country? I do. My daughter uses a world atlas book as it has more detail. Anyone use a globe? I’d love a large globe but they can be expensive. Do you have any other method of showing where your cards are from? I know we can see it on this site’s pages but here is my map… so far :slightly_smiling_face::earth_africa::world_map:


Just curious…what’s the color code?!

No code. Just pack of dots that I had :laughing: I had intended a colour for received and another for sent but the system quickly went out the window!!


I pin every card on Google Earth.


Wow! I never thought of a world atlas book! That is such a wonderful idea! Thank you! Will check my local thrift store this weekend! :pray:t3:


That is also a great idea! Will check that out too!

That’s really cool!

Yes, a visit to my local charity bookshop is on my to-do list. I have so many cards from Germany, USA and Russia but one dot sticker covers a whole country or region!

I’m going to look into this. No idea how to do it but I’ll have a go!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking of buying a scratch card like the ones we have for our travels to see from which countries I already received cards.

I like the first one, but don’t know where I bought it. :sweat_smile:


WOW!! They are amazing!!

Look what my husband just found on our bookshelf! :grin: WOOHOO!!


Oh wow I absolutely love this idea!!! I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for a decent nap!!!

I have this map on my wall but I only checked the flags of the countries on the side of the map. :sweat_smile:

Instead I use this app on my phone called “ColorMap”. It’s easy and I can see each continents / states in the USA individually.


That’s really fun! Can you color code it or make individual marks to indicate multiple cards from one area?

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Yes, you can choose up to 10 different colors for each country individually or use the country’s flag colors. :wink:

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I have started the task of marking the places my cards travel to and from; I thought it would take me 10 minutes. WRONG! I started with the USA (as I have geographical knowledge of the US) and the eastern side looks great! I have used a mirror chrome pen so the dots are silver and light up when you tilt the page. I will be starting Germany today… it’s going to look like a disco ball!!! Also, just realised the atlas is from 1987 so there are a lot of country/border changes and places have been renamed so it is quite a geography and history lesson.


What a fun idea! I hadn’t thought of doing this and appreciate seeing how you do it for your family. I’ll have to think about doing this for mine!

I use a map on my wall. I love seeing all the places I get to interact with. Glad I’m not the only one.

I’m really surprised how close some Postcrossers live. It’s been really interesting mapping the Postcrossing population. I get very excited when I see someone lives near the sea or out in the middle of nowhere and I imagine how wonderful it must be :grinning: