Mail travel scars on cards

The post offices here in my country do not have automated systems and all our mail is manually sorted. Unfortunately, postal workers do not really know the “value” of postcards :frowning: I received some postcards today and most of them had the postmark on the design face of the card… I am especially upset about this Edition Tausendschoen card which is my first. :frowning_face: I usually wouldn’t mind but the stamp is not even clear, often smudged and looking horrid with the blue-purple ink the post office uses.

Also just look at this one… not one but two marks. :crying_cat_face:

And this one, where the paper material will clearly smudge the postmark but they did it anyway…

Usually I don’t mind the scars that much. For example, most of the cards sent from United States of America always have some ink on the front sides, but seriously, I cannot accept this one :sweat_smile:… What happened to Mulan’s face :sweat_smile:…?

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I feel no more surprised when I see stamps on cards from Canada were not cancelled, or simply cancelled by pens, but today I received one card severely damaged. Seriously, Canada Post… :sweat_smile:!?

A outgoing postcard that I send got the whole bottom ripped off and got returned to me

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Just found that topic. PC US-7667911 arrived in perfect condition lately. No machine stamp marks (I’m so happy - it’s a Luna new year stamp.

It seems to me that my post office specially puts seals on the wrong side of the postcards, because if the background of the postcard is dark or very glossy, they put their seal on the text, but if the postcard is light, then their seal will definitely be on the front side of the postcard. So, for example, an official postcard from Brazil in perfect condition went around the floor of the globe, so that it was soiled in the house next to me.