Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

Cards from SG to CN are not arriving at their destination for me. I have at least 20-30 cards still OTW via official, forum and IG. The problem doesn’t lie with the route, it lies with their postal system.


Yea they has lot of experience, I have no doubt.But on this.I have to say,It’s the first time they dealing this kind of thing.With our feedback and suggestion.They could do adjust.Maybe next time deal with similar stuff.They can learn something and do better next time.
Anyway the block of Mail exchange center is over.Cards will be delivered soon.


Were your cards sent recently? 2 of mine did arrive but it was in January & February. I assume back then there wasn’t strict lockdown in Shanghai so China Post was still able to do their jobs delivering mail in normal speed

Reading some posts above, Chinese postcrosser mentioned that the huge backlog is caused by lockdown, and the lockdown is uplifted recently. Hope our cards will be received soon by our Chinese correspondences :four_leaf_clover:

It’s out of topic. But my cards to Hong Kong has been way slower too than before. I know China and Hong Kong have different policy and postal service. I wonder if the lockdown in mainland China also caused slower mails to Hong Kong


No, it isn’t. The suspension of sending to certain countries has occurred before. What they’re probably dealing with for the first time is the mass of harsh critics which were repeated in ignorance of all explanations, the completely unjustified accusations of political intents, even abominable third-reich-comparisons, and concerning distrust which were on display in this topic…

Please get me right, I really understand that Chinese users don’t like the decision. If German Post was on strike, lots of cards didn’t get delivered, and Postcrossing decided to stop giving out German adresses, I would be very sad too. But I’d tell me that the project Postcrossing has to be kept in balance and hope that the situation will get normal soon.

I understand you! But I think the decision is proper and had to be made. :slightly_smiling_face:


For that aggressive part, Although I can’t apologize to you for someone else. But for myelf,I dislike the hate speech too.It’s rude to say such things.All I always appeal is for two things. First, make the suspension announcement at a conspicuous place.Second, Set a line and show us, once the register rate is over a certain percent,the suspension order stopped.I hope admins could consider it maybe next time.


I think this necessary to repost admin’s reply:

This matter is mainly special in that the scope of influence and all Chinese users are banned. What the administrator did not do well in a limited time, perhaps is the obvious and timely announcement (like the Russian-Ukrainian war)

Yea i can agree but how about extending the sending time by another 10-20 days?

I have a china card i just sent and now i will be waiting upwards of 9 weeks for it to be received if it will be registered at all. It actually happens in a variety of coutnries.

Ive had a lot lately for some reason maybe its the economic downturn, staff laid off, war in ukraine, climate change or summer vacations.

Yup and it indirectly becomes the sender’s issue. It’s extremely frustrating especially for those playing chain cards, which in my case, I’ve cards sent as early as Jan/Feb this year that has yet to arrive … I don’t get many China addresses for official Post-crossing so I had just a couple that expired these couple of months…

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This suggestion was already made, please have a look: :slightly_smiling_face:


It is definitely better to block China than to block senders’ accounts for the fact that it was the recipient who did not register the card. That is what is happening now. China should not have popped up in the draw a long time ago. At least since they don’t register postcards. :frowning: Because it is the sender who is being punished for this, wrongly. :frowning: I hope all those accounts that pc wrongly blocked will now be unblocked.


Cassisia I am allowed to give my opinion even if its been said 100s of times before me thats what a forum is. I also offered less number of days!!

Why dont we also stop mail to Russia, Germany and maybe even USA then also since those are countries most on my expired cards too. In fact im waiting and probably never hear from another I just sent out to China costing me $AU3.40 plus the postcards and stickers I add to all my postcards. I also do pen pals and I dont mind not getting it back straightaway but I guess youre not really use to waiting up to 3 weeks for mail including packages between 1-2 oceans going up to 16 000 km!

It says temporary so why not push it out for 10-15 days at least then you may have a chance of getting some pc registered. The world isnt over from the covid, my country is in winter, the flu, economic downturn, less workers in jobs especially postal workers, we have floods as well. My hours at works are cut back too. Theres also less mail days for me down by 40% done by the govt for flat mail. the list is endless…Thinking outside your own world is helpful on these topics. I also think you missed the point of “temporary”. Even for 3 months could help.

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I didn’t say that you’re not allowed to give your opinion, I wrote “please have a look” because I assumed that you didn’t see that the suggestion of more traveling days was already discussed, as topic is very long and you didn’t refer to the suggestion.

In my opinion, repeating things that already have been said in a long topic and discussing them again isn’t helpful - especially in slow mode, due to the the topic’s escalation - so I quoted the part where you find the information.

Postcrossing doesn’t stop giving out adresses of other countries because the stats have shown a massive problem of delivery of cards in China, but not in Russia, Germany or USA.


As an aside to the discussion, I was excited to receive 2 cards FROM China today! I feel this is a “shift” in the right direction. Cheers!


I do receive postcards from abroad these months. But none of my postcards arrived in recent 1 months. I also feel suffering from injustice.
I think you should bring the data into open.
And if you keep this suspension, please show this notification at “send a postcard”. We even don’t know we will receive nothing when we send a postcard!


As I told before: That is not correct - you definitive will get a card back for every sent card that will be registered.


I don’t want to rain on your parade, but this all is about postcards TO China (and not from China). :upside_down_face:


No worries… I am just trying to put a positive spin on the situation!


I agree that more users may see this announcement and discussion if it’s a blog post too.

What data do you feel has been hidden? The relevant information has been shared now multiple times in a thorough and straightforward manner.


A good solution!!

Account blocked

  1. If my cards to China are not registered, my account will get automaticly blocked. This already happened to postcrosser @Quahtreenuh . If blocked I can not request addresses and sent postcards - until one of my cards to China gets registered. Or drops of my list after 365 days.

I will certainly complain to Postcrossing Team then.

Account blocked
2. If cards to accounts in China do not arrive, those accounts will be automaticly blocked. Sending cards is then impossible until you register received cards. It’s a waiting game.

You can update your address and choose for registering travelling cards, so you are safe.

Or complain to Postcrossing Team.

Account blocked
3. In the end we ALL are blocked because of too many expired postcards to China - or not registering postcards that are sent to China.

Good news
4. We all can continue our fabulous hobby. Postcards that are due to China postcrossers will be mailed as soon as possible.

Keep on going!