Mail to China (2022 temporary suspension)

Thank you for your continued monitoring of the postal routes. I admit that the mailing time to China has been extended, but it has not been interrupted, and I also received postcards from overseas today. Therefore, I think it is extreme to completely cut off the Chinese address. I hope you will consider this decision carefully!


My experiences as a RR host:

From January, 18 of 32 cards to CN are still missing.

From February, 8 of 8 cards are missing.

In March, 4 users from CN participated and one single card out of 22 has been reported so far.

And in April, 2 users with a total of 14 cards - nothing received so far.

So I think Paulo’s decision makes sense.


I want to send postcards to China even if I have to wait for a long time till they get there. Not one of my cards to China ever got lost in the past and I missed getting Chinese addresses these past months.


Actually the speed of mail out of China has not changed much.About 10 days ago a postcard to Germany had been registered.It traveled 30 days.
But postcards to China have really slowed down.Hope to give China more patience. :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like to register postcard to me in advance so that the cards will not expire.
Thank you for attention.


For Chinese users, only able to send but unable to receive.
What a good method of keeping sent/received balance. :+1:

It seems I would have much fewer chances of writing in Chinese language. What a pity.

Does the decision of temporary mail suspenion to China make sense?
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  • No

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Thank you for sharing you data :blush:

However I think there is a difference between “missing” and “not arrived yet”, many of our cards are just on the way, stuck in the post office or something.

This week I received 2 penpal letters which were sent in February. I’m still waiting and checking the mailbox everyday. I’d rather have a little faith in our post office, and hope the world have a little faith in us ordinary good postcrossers.


From my personal experience through tags, I managed to sent 2 cards to China earlier this year. And the later postcards I sent, none has arrived to its destination (yet). I hope our cards to China will arrive to their destinations soon, both from forum and official site

I wonder if the cards to China stuck somewhere else longer if they’re sent from far away countries? Perhaps postcrossers from China’s neighbor countries have their cards registered faster? (I have no idea)

I hope the temporary suspension won’t be long. Some thing I also wonder, if condition like this happens, does official postcrossing team contact China Post too?
Maybe if postcrossing team contact China post about the issue,they will give more detailed answers because of postcrossing big name


As for my expired list, none of them is to China.
Then mails to China is suspended because of so-called delay.
Maybe delay is much more severe than missing. :+1:


I think suspending temporarily is a good move. Hopefully, it will be brief and will allow for the “log jam” of delayed postcards to catch up. My experience does reflect the percentages reported. Thank you for advising on the situation.


I don’t mind that my cards from and to China take longer in the RR’s I participate in. It just caught my attention that I haven’t received anything from China for a long time. I’m sure they will arrive one day.
I can see why it’s an issue on the official site though, especially newer members who can’t request many addresses will be stuck on sending cards while they are travelling to China for months.


When I only started postcrossing I was often saddened by the fact that cards from Russia take so long to arrive compared to some countries. It felt like we are in the whole different world. The card to Taiwan would travel for 170 days, 80 days to Finland, 60 days to the USA and so on. I used to be happy to get German addresses because cards to Germany were the fastest to arrive. It took me ages to get to a hundred “sent” cards. But when those cards finally arrived I was always so happy. Especially during the first year of lockdowns. Is the ban really necessary? It would add to the feeling of isolation, as someone already mentioned above.


How about making it possible to send to China outside the sendable frame?


It’s a shame, China is one of my favourite countries to write too, but understand the reason why the team have done this.

For me this year, I have eight postcards travelling to China, three officials (Oct 21, Feb 22 & Apr 22) one direct swap and four tag postcards, none have been recieved by the recipients.

The above include some rare maxicards, which disheartened me that they are taking so long to arrive.

I remember the days when post to China would be delivered in three weeks.

I am recieveing postcards from China in three to six weeks at the moment.

Hong Kong & Taiwan are back to being pretty quick again.


Because China Post is responsible to the people, it will carefully disinfect the incoming letters, including standing, spraying disinfectant water, etc., which will be a little later than a few years ago before the epidemic, so is this the mistake of China Post and Chinese players? Directly choose to suspend shipping in China?


This is a tough call but I will say that of my 8 expired cards, 6 are to China and 2 are to Russia. Right now, Canada is officially not sending to Russia so that is likely why those have gone unreceived. Is there a backlog of mail in China? I’m hoping some of mine will still be received. I wonder if other postal administrations are disinfecting mail? I thought it was disproven that paper can carry COVID but I could be wrong.


Because China Post is responsible to the people, it will carefully disinfect the incoming letters, including standing in one place, spraying disinfectant water, etc., which will make the travel time longer than the pre-epidemic letters a few years ago, so is this the mistake of China Post and Chinese players? Directly choose to suspend sending letters to China? I don’t think it’s fair.


I understand why this decision is made, it is frustrating to have cards taking so long when it’s part of your sent count. It’s no fun to have to wait so long before being able to send or receive more cards. I wanted to ask the same things as @MAKIKO-S did above.

Rather than completely suspend sent cards to them, can it just not count as our sent quota? Or can you give users the option to opt in/out of sending cards to China? I think there are still users willing to send to China even if it takes a long time for the card to arrive.


I am disappointed and disapprove of this decision. We are also making efforts to send postcards. Many fans even spend more money on similar express to ensure the safe arrival of postcards. Although it is true that the postal service has slowed down due to the epidemic, it can still be received and is gradually improving.:cry:


So only 5% of all our cards to China make it in 60 days. That is for every 1 registered postcard there are 19 expired!!

Amazing! My statistics almost the same. 10 expired and 4 travelling 50-60 days.

I decided earlier not to request any address until some expired are registered or fall off my list.

Is there a topic, maybe in English?, about Chineese postcrossers complaining to China Post?

If my cards are desinfected the ink will run. My Chineese characters are written with a non water resistant fineliner. How can I complain to China Post?