:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

:white_check_mark: List on the first post was updated on October 30, 2021 at 10:46 UTC.

That’s true. Thank you for the verification.
May I ask if my interpretation is corret: Srpske does not send postcards (regular letters) to France.

од данас, вршимо за сљедеће земље:
Француска, FRANCE Дозвољен пријем само: препоручена писма, вриједносна писма и пакети масе до 15 кг и највеће дозвољене дужине 1 м а збир дужине и обима на најширем мјесту 1,5 м

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Yes that is correct. I even called their office for Intl shipping this morning and they confirmed it :disappointed:


Sri Lanka Post has resumed airmail to Finland, Kuwait & Nigeria from today (Nov. 01) onwards.


Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Albania, Germany, Israel, Maldives, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

@Drakon75, thank you for the confirmation.


Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Austria, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Thailand.

Hi, this is the new updated list from Brunei’s postal services. Please see attached photo.

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Hello everyone.
Every mail can be sent and received from Andorra to Spain and viceversa. I have sent postcards from Andorra to Spain and to some other countries and I have no problem. In fact, the Spanish post operator, Correos, also work in Andorra as do it in Spain. La Poste France, also operates in Andorra as well as it do it in France, so the mail restrictions of Spain and France are the same than in Andorra.


Hi, @rohana.
Isn’t it a list for EMS? We are not keeping track EMS because we don’t use it for sending postcards.
We are monitoring regular mail (letterpost).

@esteeban_02 , Postal Monitor was updated for Spain.

Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Estonia, Malawi, Netherlands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UK

Hi @Chieusa! This includes both EMS and regular mail. They have lifted restrictions. This was posted by the Brunei’s Postal Services. :grinning:

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Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Brunei, Georgia, Switzerland

Thank you, @rohana.

Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Dominican Republic, Macao, Vanuatu

At present, surface mail sent from Jiangsu Province, China to areas other than Chinese mainland cannot be sent normally. The status of airmail is not clear for the time being. The current situation may be caused by the recent COVID-19 epidemic in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

Postal Monitor has been updated for:

@Fullert As mentioned in the first post, Postcrossing’s system handles country-to-country suspensions, not local/provincial.
Also, if either Surface or Airmail work, it will not be listed on Postal Monitor. It will be listed only when both are suspended.
We are monitoring 中国邮政 website. If you find more information, please post the URL (source of the information). Thank you.
Hope everything goes back to normal before the Winter Olympics :crossed_fingers:

There is good news that Taiwan can send to Finland by airmail service since November 15th, 2021. I think Åland Islands is OK, too for their close post relationship :wink:



In addition to six already closed destinations from Kazakhstan Post of Kazakhstan suspending all mail service to Canada. Effective 15 November 2021



Hello! I wanted to let you know that there is in fact mail coming now from RUSSIA to CAMEROON.
I can’t provide you with a URL of any kind, but I know this for fact because I just received 4 postcards from Russia in my box, 3 that came as being part of another mailing club and 1 as direct swap.

Interestingly, one of the cards was mailed in June, but the other three are more recent. They were mailed in September from Russia and arrived this week in Cameroon. That’s about right for ‘normal’ arrival time.

Thought you should know to be able to update the Postal Monitor.

Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Aland, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Chile, Costa Rica, Finland, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan.

Hi Marianne — greetings to Cameroon! Thank you for reporting this, but I fear we can’t resume the route if Russian Post itself says the don’t send to Cameroon — mail may even be refused at the post office counter if it is to a suspended destination.

What we suspect happens — not just with Russian Post but many countries, specially these days — is that they sometimes may end up being able to send when (and if) there’s a ocasional connection flight available where they are able to put any backlogged mail into. Since such connection is not guaranteed to happen (since it may even not take place at all), they can’t put Cameroon as a working destination. Granted, there’s some guessing from our part about what exactly happing with the Russian Post, but from what we hear from many postal operators, this kind of situation is more common than we would like to.

So, it can happen that you get mail from Russia, but as you said, it is from June and some more recent — that fits our explanation, but still doesn’t guarantee mail from Russia to Cameroon will be delivered again soon.

Hopefully soon the route will be (officially) restored by Russian Post, but until then, we’ll have to wait.

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Indonesia last update on November 2021, we could send to more countries. Read the last 2 coloumns on the right.
Paket Pos Biasa LN (International Surface Mail)
Pos Udara LN (International Air Mail)
Most countries got checked on surface mail, some countries checked on air mail.
Please take a look on the update.
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:
here’s the link, it’s the same as before but the postal service keeps updating on it.