:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

Poste Italiane - new update on 18th February 2021.

Italy :it: resumed mail to:

and suspended mail to:

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Kazakhstan updated list of closed mail routes

Papua New Guinea
Updated file can be downloaded from same place as before


Update from 19.02.2021 (same link, only date is changing): Slovenian Post again able to send mail to Chad, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey.


Argh! :sweat: We hate that they do this — makes it really trick to track changes on the page. It’s updated to the latest version now. Thank you for letting us know!

:white_check_mark: List updated February 22, 2021 at 10:01am UTC.
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India Post updated the list yesterday.
Particular notification is not yet updated on website, but received pdf from a person who works in India Post.
Please refer to second column - Letter & Air Parcel


@Norway_girl Could we trouble you to check with someone from Norway Post’s helpdesk on the validity of their new lists of countries to which mail is not working?

They changed it recently, removed the list of countries to which they can send mail to and instead replaced it with just 4 countries they cannot send mail to. A drastic change like that from one day to the next seems strange… It is accurate, or did someone make a mistake? If you could help us double-check this, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us :+1: . They haven’t added it to the website site yet, but we went ahead and updated the Postal Monitor with the changes.

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I’ll contact Posten Norge to be 100% sure. But I found this site about the Covid-19 situation when heading to the help section. It says, marked in yellow: “List of countries it isn’t possible to send letters to. Only a few countries it isn’t possible to send letters to now.”

Edited to add: Tried arguing with a chatbot now, but that bot can only provide me with the list and can’t confirm if it’s right or not. Can’t send them an e-mail, as there’s no **** e-mail address to be found on their website! Nor any contact form where I can ask. So I guess I have to make a call tomorrow…

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I’ve been in contact with the press office and received a reply today. He said they’ve been sending to most of the countries on the old list the entire time, and these 4 countries are the only once they can’t send to through other countries as of today. There may still be some delays, though.


Serbia is sending mail again to Australia and New Zeland

Hi! The international express service from Malaysia is now available to selected countries. Link attached for reference: https://www.pos.com.my/news-info/pos-malaysia-s-international-express-service-is-back.html

:white_check_mark: List updated March 2, 2021 at 05:37am UTC.

Hello, @andraaa and @tsueeee, welcome to the Forum :wave:

tsueeee, Malaysia’s International Express service is EMS with an additional surcharge, isn’t it?
We are watching only for regular letter-post (postcards) for Postcrossing members. Do you know where to find the information?

Hong Kong service has been updated, please allow us Hong Kong postcrosser to send postcard to friends in these countries! Thank you very much!


@loklokwan, welcome to the forum.
I checked the list, but I didn’t see any changes to the suspended destinations though. Let me know if I missed something.

I think it applies on letters and postcards as well? I’m still waiting for an e-mail reply from the customer service. Will update with you once I receive it.

@meiadeleite - Posten Norge has updated the list again today, to remove Cyprus from the no-send list. I just called Posten Norge to check if it was right. The woman just checked the list that’s available online and said “I see the list has been updated today. So that should be correct.”
Since the list was updated yesterday and then today, and the only change was Cyprus, my guess is that the list is correct.


Thank you so much for your patience and help! I guess it’s good news to Norwegian postcrossers then! :tada: We’ll include these changes in the next update.

Slovenian Post (issued: 2.03.2021) - several new places added on acceptance list:

Guadeloupe (incl. Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin)


Hi everyone,
I am thinking that also mail from Australia to China is disrupted. I have 15 expired cards to China which is much more than normally. There is a trading dispute between Australia and China which might affect mail deliveries. I am wondering if others experience the same delays.