✿ LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ **September 2022**

….sooooo i think i may have been the winner, this month! :sweat_smile: thank you @Arylia :two_hearts:

@Arylia - omg thank you for the AMAZING lenticular lucky cat! i have spent way too much time just tilting it back and forth lol :cat: the weather is the same here, thankfully we are getting some much needed rain right now but it looks like clear skies and mild temps starting tomorrow!

@ljbbauer - thank you for the cutest le petit prince card :sparkles: i am so proud of you! doesn’t matter if you fall off the horse as long as you can get back up and try again~ you can do it! happy to be your personal cheerleader lol :two_hearts:

@uconn - thank you for the ye (olde) boston baked beans haha i hope you enjoyed your labour day weekend - taking extra days is definitely the way to do it right lol! problem with long weekends for me is that my slate is wiped clean and returning to work today was a bit of struggle because i could not remember anything from friday :see_no_evil:


Staying on the horse so far, but happy to have a cheerleader!!

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@sarahaeyo Your decoy card of the London doubledecker bus arrived on 6th September while we were on vacation and I just got it today. Thank you for such a cute card! And congrats on being this month’s winner! Oh, I sent my card to you the other day.

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back with more card to report! :mega:

@shanx - thank you for the awesome “an intro to modern architecture, 1941” postcard! :cityscape: i love this set as well - besides the cool vintage covers i really love the weight and feel of the paper of this series?! i am definitely the kind of person who fangirls over high-quality or luxe business cards lol :see_no_evil:

@StephofYorktown - what a wonderful mix of feminist icon and architecture with julia morgan - thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hoping the weather has cooled down for you and that you enjoyed some quality time with your mom! girl’s night in with wine is the best! :wine_glass:

@TravelWithMe - sends a photo of me when i walk around in the snow wearing open-toed wedges haha :see_no_evil: but seriously, this is actually me - thank you lol. ooo, i will add the guest room to my library queue! :books: i am currently really into audiobooks; it makes getting housework done a lot more fun!

@Skittykitty - adorable! i feel this lol it is so hard to keep track of the days sometimes :skull: it has definitely cooled down significantly from late august, but we are still yo-yoing back into the mid-80’s next week (which is hot for this non-texan lol) my current favourite icecream flavour is this vegan coconut-based strawberry rhubarb pie flavour from a local creamery, but all time favourite might be this sweet corn gelato from another local place - it sounds super weird but trust me, it is amazing! :corn: great clear hand-cancel, as well!


…two more cards in my mailbox, today! :mailbox_with_mail:

@sannah82 - amazing art card depicting minnesota throughout the year! this graphic style is really cute~ will have to look up more of adam’s work. i love that you can really get a sense of the local art scene and culture through this card :art:

@LaurenceB - palm springs does have a certain ~vibe~ and aesthetic, doesnt it? very retro/old hollywood energy haha. i wish dates were more trendy. dates are so underrated and great in smoothies; sweetness without the guilt!

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two more (very green) cards! :green_heart:

@halflingstory - what a gorgeous spirited away card and cute little food stickers~ the glow is so haunting! ghibli movies are so good at world-building and the illustrated details bring so much richness and life to the story. i also love all the little cameos (like the little soot balls) that tie all the ghibli movies together too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@SharonMI - thank you for the little prince boababs tree postcard! poor guy is working hard to keep them in check :deciduous_tree: i also listen to audiobooks and youtube videos when i write postcards; i have trouble writing in general if i am not listening to anything haha


one card in the mail today! :love_letter:

@breeze2902 - thank you so much for the WMATA card! :metro: i cant think of a more iconic subway architectural feature than dc metro’s brutalist coffered ceilings (although paris’ art nouveaux entrance signage is a close second!) i have been to dc twice but i am yet to ride the metro - but excited to see these ceilings in person, one day!


and they keep coming…:two_hearts:

@twinb99 - omg i hope you enjoyed your time in norway; i would love to visit one day! awesome black and white card of the elegant milwaukee art musuem and the reiman bridge by santiago calatrava; reminds me of a butterfly perched on a branch! :butterfly:

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an october surprise! :magic_wand:

@Beachyblonde - omg whitney, you’re too sweet! thank you so much for the harry potter postcard~ the traveling envelope rr is so fun and so addictive; i cant imagine all the time, dedication and organization it takes to not only run that rr but others in the forum as well, so i should be the one thanking you for running them all so amazingly :two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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