[LOTTERY] North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) OCTOBER 2023

Address sent to all names above

I’d love the address too

Address sent to NAMsMommy

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Hello, I would like the winner’s address.

Can I have the address please?

Looks like I’m the winner this month! I received one last week but wasnt sure if I was the decoy until a 2nd card arrived today.

Hoping these photos come through.

@MsKoby yours was the first to arrive and gives me Gustav Klimt vibes. Your little coffee shop corner sounds lovely! All the important places in 1 spot.

@SharonMI thank you for the animal kingdom card and well-wishes!


Please send me the address! @AlohaJoe

All addresses above here have received the address of the winner

@PleiadianDragon we always had labs growing up too. Now I have a border collie great pyrenees mix.

@StephofYorktown I’ve yet to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains…someday!

@TravelWithMe thanks for this! Wish it would become irrelevant!


@breeze2902 Thank you for sending a card to fill my mailbox! Me and the mailbox are very happy!

@Annazon your postcard made it with plenty of time to spare!


Hello everyone!! I hadn’t participated in this swap before and I think that I must be the “decoy” after having read all of the posts…haha. I love that!

The real winner @twinb99 sent me a wonderful card from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love this card so much!! The artwork is gorgeous. As a geologist I want to know more about the yooperlites! [just Googled and it’s syenite (like granite but with a slightly different composition) with sodalite inclusions. We have syenite here and now I’m going to have to see if I can find any of these!]

I’ll try to participate in this RR when my work slows down. I teach at my local university and we are nearing the end of the semester, so all of the projects are coming due for the students. Thanks for including me!

Rosannel Wayness sent this postcard of Central Park. I’m not sure what your username is.

@NAMsMommy sent a birthday postcard. My birthday was the 8th, so it was especially fun to be the winner this month too!

@sannah82 sent this postcard of Greece. We were supposed to visit March 2020, but that of course did not happen. Still hope to get there someday.

That would be @wayness .

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Thank you!

I’ve started next month’s thread but won’t draw a winner until the 1st.