✿ LOTTERY✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ June 2021

Address sent to @BarbL

I’d like the address too.
Thank you.

May I have the address please?!

May I have the address?

My card to the winner went out with today’s mail :slightly_smiling_face:

Please send me the address :slight_smile:

Hi again! may I have the address, please? Thanks!

The address has been sent to @twinb99, @ladybug513, @jewelldelis, @jaqueposts, and @jakey!

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A card for the winner has been mailed.

Hey everyone! Looks like I am the lucky one! Just checked the mailbox with my morning coffee! Afterwork I will thank everyone properly!

Thank you all in advance. Feels very special!

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Okay here we go with some great cards:

Ones that would have come in before the weekend:

@PostAddy - thanks for the awesome Virginia Beach Card. I can now check of Virginia from my “1 from every state” goal! The stamps were so so so so cool! a trifecta of stamp glory. Thank you!
@dnrhott - whooooweee i would love to be on that beach right now with a good book! and thank you for the 3d stamp! Welcome to the future - we thought we would have flying cars but if i have to settle i will take a 3D stamp! Thanks for the lovely card!
@HookedonPostcards - thank you for the CDC covid card! I have not received one of these yet. Also - the 150 stamp corner is fantastic! I also feel grateful and so glad that i found postcrossing last year as well. fingers cross for the fall.

Then on Tuesday I got a wave of cards in one go!

@BarbL - thank you for this great textile card from the museum and the 1.00 stamp - it is a new one for me! You made me jealous of your lake day!
@TravelWithMe - wahooo i have wanted this card for a while! thank you so much!!! Also - I have had a lifelong love for little goats! birthing season sounds tiring but also how amazing is that to see all those little beings come into the world!
@KatieM - oh man. I cannot articulate how much I love this corny card (pun intended!) Seriously. so so so so good. thank you for all you have done to keep us going - essential workers should have a day in your honour when we are all through this. Thank you!! (p.s. send me your address in case you win the next round then you will get to be surprised)
@sannah82 - wooo! amazing space theme card. I am a massive space nerd. big big big space nerd(JPL is the nerd haven haha!). so glad you are able to connect with home soon. Not seeing parents has been one of the hardest parts of this all

Thank you to everyone. Honestly, I am not a person who wins things usually! So when I played these lotteries it was because I like the idea of contributing to a wave of cards for someone every month! What a cool thing to be on the receiving end!


Helllllllllo lovely Humans!!!

I got home from a camping trip to a whole pile of cards!!!

@cali29 - omg. I love this card. You picked the perfect card and then filled it up with awesome stamps!! thank you so so so much. Now I need to go make some guac!!
@twinb99 woohoo for an awesome new Loupaper! appreciate it so much! we are in a heatwave here - on the weekend we are going to hit 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 F) which is just totally absurd for here not to mention in June. It will feel like we are in a soup pot.
@ladybug513 this is a really great take on an illustrated view card! thank you some much! Thanks for the world stamp show stamp aswell- i have not seen this one before :slight_smile: Sounds like you have a pretty amazing family!!!
@RockyRoadTrip - thanks for the AMAZING feminist social justice card!!! so so so so good!
@jm1122 - thanks for the awesome awesome space card! the US has such amazing space stamps. I am always so jealous of all the cool ones you have! We can see the space station here as well! I always try to keep an eye out for it :slight_smile:
@jaqueposts - thanks for this nebula card! and the lovely reminder of where we sit in the universe and how little but spectacular we are! Stay well :slight_smile:


How do I sign up for July?

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@jakey will start the new thread and most likely post a link here.


@HookedonPostcards Found it! :smiley:

NA WOTM July 2021


@jakey Has my card turned up yet, Jake? I sent it a little late so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still in transit…

Thank you! :hugs:

hey everyone, had one more card come in for June :slight_smile:
@KristinaGisela haha! you really hit the mark with the tacky tourist card!!! Doesn’t get any better than Reno! I like that you coordinated the sparkle tape and then two orange animal stamps. Utter perfection! thank you so much

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@jakey Glad to hear it arrived! Better late than never!

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