LOTR trade with other LOTR/Hobbit

I just bought this amazing Tolkein Lord of the Rings Postcard book and would like to swap for other LOTR/Hobbit cards only

Choose either 2 written or blank in a custom made LOTR envelope (only 5 envelopes available) or 1 written and stamped in exchange for only 1 LOTR/Hobbit postcard for me back

Number 3 sending to @Yana_21

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Still open :blush:

No 7 going to @texvelis

No 2 going to @mavra

Hi I would love for postcards 5 and 10 but I did not quite understand what you want in return …

I want tolkein, lotr, or Hobbit postcards in exchange for the cards I have shown above

Is it okay for postcards that I make myself? Pasting … Paintings …

Not at this time for this swap. Thank you though.

Is there anything else you might want?

I want card 17
here are my offer about LOTR:https://www.flickr.com/photos/191117800@N03/albums/72157717139421061

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No 17 goes to @Suir