Looking for someone who speak Spanish to translate a letter

Hello everyone. I want to write a letter to a post office in Bolivia. It looks like only a few people can speak English in Bolivia and their official language is Spanish. But I don’t speak Spanish. Would you please help me to translate my letter below in to Spanish?

Dear staff of the Post Office in Bolivia,
I am a postcard lover. I’m a university student in USA. Could I send you some postcards and enough Bolivian stamps and let you to send those postcards back to me? Do you accept international reply coupons? Thank you. I really need your answers. I hope you can answer me by email or short message. My email address is aaa, and my mobile number is …
Thank you for your help
Your Sincerely

for my phone number and email, would you please keep it as aaa and … when you translate it into Spanish? because I am not allowed to post my real phone number and email on forum.
Thank you for your kindness and have a great day

Hi Lily! Here’s the translation to your text:

Estimado empleado de Correos Bolivia:
Soy una amante de las postales. Soy estudiante de universidad en EEUU. ¿Podría enviaros unas postales y suficientes sellos bolivianos como para que me enviéis las postales de vuelta? ¿Aceptáis sellos de respuesta internacional? Gracias. Espero vuestra respuesta. Espero que podáis responder por e-mail o por mensaje a mi teléfono. Mi dirección de e-mail es aaaaa y mi teléfono es …
Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda.
Un saludo,


thank you

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You can also use Google translate, think it’s mostly accurate

May I suggest-“Soy una entusiasta” or Soy fan de enviar y recibir postales. To say “amante” is not used in that manner-it means “lover” as calling someone your lover.
You may also consider a more formal way of asking since most Spanish-speaking countries still retain their formalities.
Don’t trust Google translate-it will often give you literal translations that may not make sense to someone from a different culture/language. However, it’s usually excellent if you are trying to get the right verb tense in a statement.
Best of luck!

Thanks for the advice, however - I’m Spanish, Spanish is my mother tongue. “Amante” can be used in the same sense as it is used in English. If you use it as a noun, it means the same thing it does in English. If you use it as an adjective, it means the same thing it does in English. You can say “I’m a cat lover” and translate it to “Soy amante de los gatos” and it makes perfect sense. The same way you could say “He’s my lover” and translate it to “Es mi amante”.

I do agree with you though - google translate is not always the best way to translate texts as it lacks the overall understanding of certain, very specific sayings in other languages. Try translating “who gave you a candle in this burial?” to Spanish and see if you can get the true meaning of it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: