Looking for lighthouse themed postcards!

My name is Jonna. I live in Finland and i have just started postcrossing. I would absolutely love to receive lighthouse themed postcards around the world because i collect them, and i will happily send some card that you would like as a exchange. If you would for example like 3D space themed cards or some cards about Finland, i would be happy to send you that in exchange for a lighthouse card.
Feel free to message me if you are interested in this!
With best regards,


sending you a PM

I also love lighthouses. :heart_eyes:
You can see the available postcards in my profile following the link.
In return, you can explore the list of my interests in my postcrossing profile and suggest.

Hi! I have lighthouse cards from The Netherlands, sending you pm

Hi! I was just drawing and painting a lighthouse card. I’d be happy to send it to you. I’d like anything in return, or you can check my profile. Send me a pm with your address! :smiley_cat: Katja

I would be happy to send a card. I have SOOO many lighthouse cards right now. Message your address to swap. I would love a card from Finland.

PM sent.

Hello , I have a few from the USA, send your address , I also can order more . will be happy to exchange with you, please. Send me your address if you want to swap


I have this ones https://www.flickr.com/photos/149923012@N02/sets/72157687596431482/