Looking for Indian to answer my question

If I want to send a postcard from India to another country, how many stamps should I buy


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Hi @mingfei5,

Please have a look at this forum wiki:

Which details the prices of stamps all around the world. Hopefully you’ll find the answer to your question there, in the India section! :slight_smile:

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Hi Ming,

The postage for sending a card from India to the outside is Rs 12. The number of stamps might differ as we have stamps with postage of 1,2,5,10,12,15 and many more. Just stick enough stamps that the postage adds to 12 or more.

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Thank you

@mingfei5 i use 5+5+2x .50+ 4x .25

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From where do you guys buy the stamps? In my local Post Office there are only stamps of Rs 5, 15 and 50. Where do I buy stamps of denomination like Rs .25, 1, 2, 12 etc?

Has anyone tried and successfully order stamps from India Post : Buy Stamps

How was the experience?

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Yes, I often buy it form India Post’s online store. The user experience is not good, sometimes you may have to try multiple times to place an order. Once order is placed, they get usually delivered within a week or two by registered/speed post.


@shi_vam , @redteapost , Have you tried ordering postcards from ePost service? I would like to order, but not sure on the number of postcards we receive. It just says Stamp code and Weight but didnt mention on number of cards. Any idea?

Yeah it’s good, arrives in speed post, one recommendation please buy miniature sheet instead of full sheets so you can use variety if stamps

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Yeah, for that website ut the worst ,but after that delivery period was 7 days for my last order

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15rupee stamps

I usually put a 15 Rupee stamp.

@piggiepiggie doesn’t it depend on destination? Or for all 15 rupees stamps is sufficient, also if sending in envelope does it vary ?

For envelope, I need to check at the Post Office, but usually it is 30 Rupees.
For all destinations, without the envelope is 15 Rupees.

Thank you. Yes, i sent few and it was 30.
A card to austria without envelope was 32 rupees. Not sure why, Anyway let me crosscheck next time.

Hey, welcome to the community! The yellow 50p postcards can only be sent within India. A different card with Rs. 15 stamp(s) on it can only be posted.

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Yellow cards are within India. You will have to buy picture Postcards . Here is list of some shops - Online shops (wiki).

Some cards are also available at bigger GPOs, they are generally cheaper than any of the stores listed above. I have contact for Rajkot, who have some nice sets.

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You will need to buy picture postcards and attach Rs.15 stamps(s) on it.