Looking for: GF; FOTW; MOTW; PWE; National Symspos, WT, Step to, United in Diversity, MPOC, WOW, Icons, Countries of the World HPC

Hi there,

I have a small collection of postcard from different series.

I am looking for the following:

In Return I can offer the following: (Click on the picture to open the series swap album

Or just let me know what kind of cards you like and I will see what I have and send you pictures.

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I could offer you some series cards from Germany, like MotW (federal states), United in Diversity, PWE

For the federal state related ones, check their albums :slight_smile: If you’re interested just drop me a PM and we will work something out!

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I can offer GF, HPC, WOW, MOTW, FOTW, MCPS (or MCOP?) from Indonesia :slight_smile: interested in HPC Pandemic and HPC winter

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Hi! I have What Do You Know About USA… PM me if interesred

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I could offer WT, FOTW, HPC, GF, WOW from HK, please let me know if you are interested, thanks

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I would love to swap with you. What would you like in return?

I can send you any series postcards from HK. In return I’m interested in lali riddle and Charis Bartsch illustration. Let me know if you want to.swap :slight_smile:


Hello @Robinchen
Maybe you have something transport related from my German wishlist?

I can offer you Kazakhstan series

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I am so sorry but I don’t have any of these cards to offer you. But thank you for offering

I will have a look on the weekend to see if there is anything I have for you

I have WOW Germany and I’m interested in
HPC during the pandemic

Hi! I have Lali Riddle postcards. Do you have WOW Hong Kong? :slight_smile: Please let me know if you would like to swap.

I have China Fotw!Do you want it? Please contact me!

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I already have FOTW China. But thanks for your offer

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I have FOTW and WT from the US if you are interested in those! Send me a message and we can arrange a swap

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I have updated the first post with links to make it a bit clearer

Updated new cards

now additionally offering HPC in Spring, WT Buen Camino and Year of the Ox.

Still interested in swapping.

GF Ukraine for WT Buen Camino? :slight_smile:

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I can offer this card, sent from origin (East-Flanders province of Belgium).
Let me know if you are interested!

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I can offer some PT to your collections.
Sending PM.