Looking for frequent letter/card writers

Hi! I’m from Germany, 30 and a life-long snail mail lover! However, my mailbox is sadly always empty these days. Even though I have a few wonderful penpals due to the delays in mail it takes FOREVER for mail to arrive and be delivered and I’m not getting mail as much as I’d like… so I’m looking for penpals who are willing to exchange mail frequently, even if it’s just a postcard here and there (I also wouldn’t be able to write a long letter every week…).

I speak German, English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese - I can write in any of those languages, although I prefer penpals outside of Germany…

Generally, I like to write about everything and anything, daily life, music, movies/Tv-shows, books, travels,… anything but politics :sweat_smile:
Personally I love music in all forms (I’m a music teacher) but K-Pop the most, travelling (alas my poor travel soul is suffering so much!), nature, running and outdoor sports, I’m Vegan & an Environmentalist.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Ursulita,

I would like to write to you if i may?
I too absolutely love to send and receive snail mail so would like to spread some happiness by sending some mail your way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Send me your address if you would like to and i will get pen to paper right away!

Best wishes

Claire xx

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I feel the same way you do! I love the mail, but all of the snail mail has been extra snail like recently haha! I am also a vegan and environmentalist. I would love to write back and forth with you and we could perhaps swap some recipes :slight_smile: I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


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hi, my name is chris as it shows i think in my main page on here. but having read your reply before hand i personally think you’re the USA ‘version’ of myself! I love outdoors and do basic yoga (only started the beginning of this year, so i’m teaching myself) and been vegan since 2014. I however have NEVER been outside the UK other than Ireland. I am am also a goth and have - last count 14 tattoos - plan on getting more!

i’ve currently ‘used up’ my ‘5 sending’ thing, but when that clears i’d happily write to you properly :slight_smile:


Hey, nice to meet you! Always good to meet a fellow Vegan :smiley:
Ireland is better than nothing, I’ve actually only been once, but I loved it, the landscape was so beautiful!
I’m from Germany though :sweat_smile:

Hi,I am Mako!I’d love to write you a postcard.I love K-pop music too.And I am going to study in Japan this year, so I will also use Japanese :blush:
If you like, maybe I can tell you some Chinese and you can tell me some German :thinking:
Best wishes!

Hallo Mako! So nice to hear from you! Oh that sounds great! Always happy to meet a fellow K-pop fan! I can definitely teach you some German and I love people writing to me in Japanese!
Could you pm your address, the. I’ll send you a postcard!

Pm sent :tulip:

apologies for not writing back, but like the others have said, send me over your address and i’ll write to you :slight_smile:

the only ‘snail mail’ i get is spam mail from things going ‘‘you DO WANT this…’’ erm no thanks…

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Hahaha I feel the same about everything you sent. I need more mail in my life! I would be very interested in writing to you. Let me know!

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