Looking for Fiona from Scotland!

Dear all,

I’m Sarah from Switzerland,

it’s been a long time… But I have been a member of Postcrossing for almost 10 years, then I stopped due to life circumstances.

During the past 2-3 years I had a great penpal-friendship with Fiona from Scotland. And I lost her address.

She lived in Edinburg with her husband and son, then moved to another smaller place near her parents.
I’d like to get in touch with her again, but I can’t even remember her user name here…

So, if anyone of you knows her and may connect us again, I’d be really happy and thankfull!


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maybe you could try searching for her in your sent / received letter list! I hope you find her! All the best!

Did you save the letters/postcards which you received from her? Maybe on some of them is her address. Or on the first of them may be also her Postcrossing nickname, some people write it on postcards.

i found a few people through the search option in the main Postcrossing page (not the forum), where under Explore is a Search part and if you click on there, it gives you lots of ways to find people… helps if you remember what place she lived in, or which county…

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Did she happen to write you a u2u when you first started writing to each other? If you haven’t deleted it yet, it should still be available in the old forum, which you can still access. Though you won’t be able to reply to the u2u, maybe you’ll be able to find her username there.

Hi Sarah,

One of my very good penpal matches your description perfectly! I will ask her about you and let you know.



Hi Sarah,

I just asked my friend and she confirmed it is you. I told her about this thread and she said she’ll get in touch :slight_smile:

~Lochan Shilpa


Oh my god! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much :heart: I’m really looking forward hearing from her! :slight_smile:


Hello Sarah! It’s me you’re looking for :grin: I’ll message you my address, I can’t wait to hear from you again :blush: x


Beautiful story with happy end. I wish both of you and people who helped you to find each other many wonderful letters. :slight_smile:


This story has another happy ending! @Voldemort Voldemort has become kind !!:rofl::rofl::rofl:



Awww! I’m so happy you two found each other again :heart_eyes::pray:


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