✅ Long reaction time when buttons are used

I experienced the same on iPhone safari and I blamed the quality of my wifi :see_no_evil:
Couple of days ago I noticed it for the first time.


Glad it’s not just me!

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I have the same issue with Chrome, MS Edge and Safari on my iphone 10.

Since yesterday, it happens every single time when opening the composer window.

It’s happening for me too…started a couple of days ago. Safari on iPhone.

I experience it too. I use Samsung Internet browser.

Dito. Both on Windows 11 / Chrome and Android Chrome or via Widget.

By the way the design of the widget has changed a bit, too, since then. The “P” of Postcrossing is smaller now.

And what is also since then: When I write longer replys or postings it happens that there appears a note in the lower right corner of the reply box with a orange-red triangle with an exclamation mark and the text: “Draft is offline”. Have never seen this before. In that case I cannot push the reply button. Of course I checked if maybe I’ve lost internet connection but I hadn’t. This I experienced only on Windows Computer not on my mobile device.

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I thought its something wrong with my phone :rofl:

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I just ran into this problem when I created a new theme. Android, Google Chrome

I have the same issue.

I’m also experiencing this intermittently on my phone in Safari and also on my laptop in Chrome.

I’ve noticed same, I just thought it was my slow internet connection.

same here: using safari and iphone 13 + ipad

i blamed it on me not updating to the newest version of ios yet but it seems to be a website thing if others are also experiencing this.

I noticed something else: When replying to a post with “Quote”, the error does not occur!

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Definitely yes!
And it will be especially annoying when I am participating in tags and have to check others’ profile repeatedly.
I blamed my phone since there was something wrong with the SIM card of it several days ago. And I just keep thinking: “Well, the network connection gets worse after this trouble…”

Safari, iPhone

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Im chimming in as well to say there there are delays when pressing reply buttons and other features. Good to know it’s just not me!

I use safari on the iPhone. Chrome with Windows 10 on my desktop computer.

I use PC Windows 10 and Opera.

Thank you all for reporting this. I think I found the issue and I’m looking into this.


Alright, I think we fixed this for now. Please report again if you still spot the issue recurrently.


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