Lockdown and lack of postcards

I have lived some years in a small town in UK, so I know regarding daily life, including post offices.

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Yes, I was just admiring the situation in other countries. :slight_smile:

Nope, I started drawing some, crafting some with pictures and correspondence cards, ordering from an online shop for a charity, ordering from a normal webshop. But it is more hard sometime to get the card you want for someone. I do thing sending some light and happiness into the world during lockdown is quite amazing!


I agree. I can get some beautiful cards online and have been doing but feel like I’ve exhausted all the decent U.K. online cards. It’s hard to get nice view cards. I don’t want to send views of other countries (I can source loads of those) and while I’ve bought some stunning arty cards and unusual cards that I love I know others want to see views which I just can’t get at the moment. It’s a shame. I keep on scouring the interweb though and patiently wait to be able to shop safely in real shops :blush:

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For people who want view cards I’ve been sending these drawings of London by David Gentleman. They can be bought online from several places. They’re fabulous.


Italian post offices have not cards , have not even stamps … for me it’s incredibly, because I’m not Italian

I really haven’t bought postcards in a retail store for two reasons. First, there are few retail shops that have postcards. Second, I buy my postcards occasionally online. The bulk of my US postcards I purchase from a wholesaler here in the US.

Years ago, I used to bid and purchase some nice lots from a seller in the UK. The drawback was that the shipping to the US. In recent years, she has specialized her stock to PHQ post cards similar to the picture. These seem to be popular…offering different topics. If you go up on eBay and type in “PHQ postcards,” you will see quite a few items from UK sellers.


Thank you very much! I will try to find something!

I’m sending those too. They are my absolute favourite box set :blush:

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I really love them. They show an unusual side to London, not just the normal tourist sites. They’re my favourite box set too.

I just ordered postcards online for the first time. I am happy I did because the shop advertised a project for sending postcards to lonely people in retirement homes :blush:


Is there a fred meyer in your area? Some 0f them sell touristy postcards. I live in Oregon so I don’t know if it’s different from state to state. Just a thought though

No Fred Meyer. I get most of my tourist or state cards from a tourist town about two hours from me and I am hoping this summer the shops will open.

I am living in Germany on the countryside where it is difficult to find shops selling postcards . During the lockdown there were only the postoffices having a few cards , but not a good choice. As I just started Postcrossing, I am still on the hunt for postcards and I am waiting for the reopen of the shops. I don’t like to order everything by Internet.

For me, a postcard is first and foremost a viewcard, so I don’t go out of my way to find other kinds - if I come across them, I’ll buy them if I like them. Also, people’s preferences are not rules. The only place I buy online from has local postcards including viewcards, some of them I can’t find around or it saves me time. But I find it very tedious to have to click through each one etc. Personally I much prefer to browse a real-life shop and see the item before I buy it (okay, for postcards there are not too many variables) but I understand it’s not possible for everybody, especially now, and that people might even like it!

I would dislike receiving a generic card of an animal from a box set (though I still appreciate the sender’s effort), but would love a tourist card with local animals. I suspect people not wanting beaches might think of the generic tropical beach view? Northern European beaches are as exotic to me as palm trees.


I have tousands on stock :face_with_hand_over_mouth: so I think the lockdown can go for years until I ran out of postcards.

I am sorry for the people who have issues with it.
Stay safe everybody!


I used to get postcards from physical stores, until I discovered several online shopping platforms that sell postcards too, sometimes at cheaper prices than the physical stores.

Ever since then, I’ve stocked up on thousands of postcards so now I have a very healthy supply. I guess the makeshift would be to search online for now, then once the lockdown is over you could head to a local shop or a tourist attraction to stock up on more in case of such situations again. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are no postcards available in or of my city at all normally. Postcards are very hard to find in my area. I have to drive to the beach to get tourist postcards at the boardwalk souvenir stands. I generally do that a couple of times per year and then get cards online. I also print my own via Vistaprint and plan to do more of that. There are lots of interesting places within walking distance. I think it’s a shame that postcards aren’t sold more locally.

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I reactivated my old postcrossing account only yesterday, because I found some of the postcrossing cards I received some time ago while cleaning my desk drawers, so I don’t have many postcards on stock.

Due to the chaotic lockdown situation I don’t want to go to the city. But I have always found it difficult to find beautiful postcards in the local stores. Next time I go to a museum, I will definitely have a look in their shop.

Apart from that there’s nothing else for it but to look online. But all I have found so far was quite uninspiring…

Can anybody recommend me a good (German) online shop for interesting postcards?

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German shops at Etsy are where I leave way too much money. :innocent:

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