Listing Expired Postcards on Profile

I always send another card to expired cards but I’ve sent one twice to the same person and she has yet to either register it or receive it. I think it’s the former not the latter. Makes me look irresponsible.


Unless the person you’ve sent to has told you she received the card and won’t register it, you have no reason to assume this is so - why believe the worst? And if she has told you she will not register it, please contact admin and let them know.

There is no public record of how many of your cards expired, only the admins know this, and they’d know it whether it’s in your profile or not.

Postcrossing admins have access to a lot more data than can be seen publicly. They can monitor people who consistently ‘send’ cards that don’t arrive, or consistently ‘don’t receive’ cards, and they will follow up with those users and take action if necessary.

Everyone has some expired cards, and that’s fine.