Linocuts and carved stamps

This weekend, I hand-carved an eraser stamp of a woman on the horse :horse_racing:


First of all huge shout out to @william_tsypin for my source of inspiration. Yesterday afternoon and evening finished carving out this guy! One of my preparations for 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, and the upcoming release of related stamps by US and UK.

Trying some different colors combinations now :dragon: :art:


Honored to be an accidental inspiration for this amazing stamp! And it looks even better colored in, you did an incredible job :grin:


Been working on this one on and off for days …with D&D stamps pre-ordered :dragon_face: and keeping my eyes on Royal Mail so can do same when UK drops theirs.

My luck will be official profiles I pull will all just want cute cats :joy_cat: Thankfully I’m sure I can find someone who will want a card like this here on the forum when that time comes.

Mistakes happen that maybe only extreme D&D nerds will notice...

This was my "final sketched/inked drawing I was trying to get size right to fill the left side of postcard. Somehow in my transfering onto the stamp block, lost an eye. A proper Beholder has 10 eyestalks… maybe can make excuse that one of them got lost in the mail. :face_with_peeking_eye: :eye:


Wow, you did the beholder, and it looks amazing! Fingers crossed you’ll pull some profiles who’d appreciate it, it would be a shame to not use such stamp as much as possible :smiley:

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I Just started Lino cutting and started with a very complicated motif… I also tried to do it with colors:

The red part got out of place, and i need to Clean up some lines :smile:
It has the size of a Postcard, I hope to make postcards out of it :blush:

@bendoodle: the Dragon and the beholder are amazing!


That looks amazing! I particularly love the “chatter” with the extra lines not being perfectly cleaned, gives printing like this it’s own character.

I’ve wanted to try this multi-layered approach also. Finding ways to get the registers to all line up when printing is a challenge for sure. I’ve seen different techniques with using carboard cutouts to help align paper with each block.

Making me really want to pick up some more blocks (and I’m in desperate need of better carving tool/sharpener). I’m still using just ink pad. Seeing videos of people print with actual printing ink rolled on and a press makes me envious.

All these artistic and crafting side quests Postcrossing leads us to is wonderful!

Thank you :blush:

I found a trick on youtube: Print your first layer (with all outlines) at first with much color in a piece of paper, and Press immediatelly another Lino Plate on the paper. You just have to make sure that the plates have the same size.
You can See this Print in the blue Lino at the uncarved places.
But i don’t know If that works with ink Pad. I tryed it also first with ink Pads but wasn’t satisfyed with the result. I bought Lino colors at our local Art Shop and they have a pretty prize range! I bought the cheepest ones and they work well for me.
The Lino colors ist very think and sticky. Maybe oil Paint or acrylic Paint works too?